Dear Friend,

If you desperately want to kick-start your real estate investing dream, so you can replace your paycheck with a torrent of cash and live life according to your own terms… while building a portfolio of properties that will secure your family’s freedom forever… then what you’re about to read will change your life.

Here’s what this is all about: My name is Joe Crump, and I’m about to share with you a proven and complete real estate investing system that will finally give you all the pieces of the puzzle… and allow you to go out and start putting deals together, almost immediately. Best of all…

You Don’t Need to Put Any Money Down… None At All

You won’t have to speak to any banks, loan companies or angel investors. You won’t be begging for money from your family and friends. And you can forget about bank financing, or anything complex like that. In fact… this system requires zero real estate knowledge to start.

When I taught it to an 18-year-old college girl — who knew nothing about real estate — she was on the phone to sellers and put six deals together in one afternoon.

I’ll show you how this system works in a minute. But before I do, I need to explain…

Why You’re Struggling to Get Your Real Estate Dream Off the Ground

If you’re like most of the hundreds of investors I’ve coached over the last 23 years, then you’ve been led to believe that in order to be successful in real estate… you need to know the full ins and outs of real estate investing: all the real estate laws… how to structure all the different types of deals… how to systematize every part of your business (even though you don’t yet have a business).

Therefore, you invest thousands of dollars into your education. Maybe tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. You devour books… and audio programs… and seminar DVDs… and coaching calls. And they lead you on to seminars, where you sit for hours listening to “gurus” who pump you up until you’re salivating to buy even more educational products. And these materials get you onto more seminars and programs.

It’s a vicious Cycle that vacuums Your Wallet, and Fills Your Head with Trash

That’s right. All this education actually hinders you.

All of the systems, courses or programs you’ve tried are incomplete. They all take you so far… then they leave you high and dry, and thirsty for more. That’s what they’re designed to do.

They give you a small taste of success — just a tiny taste, but enough to become addicted. But they all stop short of giving you a complete and replicable system for making money. So you turn to other coaches and “gurus” and their systems are exactly the same. And after a few of these, your head gets filled with conflicting rubbish and you spend years chasing your tail. That’s why…

Most Real Estate Seminar Junkies Still Haven’t Made a Single Dollar

They spend years learning about all this different stuff. But for most wannabe investors, all this education is just mental masturbation. It makes you feel good. It even makes you feel like you’re getting somewhere… that you’re making progress. But learning all this stuff doesn’t actually take you any closer to reaching your goals.

You only make things harder for yourself. Here’s why.

Real estate can be a very complicated business, if you want it to be. And if you go out into the world trying to mix and match different ideas from different systems, you’re just inviting failure, burnout and heartache. There’s absolutely no reason why anybody should try to reinvent the wheel — especially a beginner. And it’s simply not necessary.

No “Guru” Will Ever Tell You This, But…

You do not have to know all the ins and outs of real estate investing to be successful. In fact, you don’t really need to know anything about real estate. You just need a complete step-by-step process you can follow… one that has proved its ability to make money, over and over again…. one that doesn’t require you to think or make any guesses.

That is all you need.

Give me someone who knows absolutely nothing about real estate — and who is willing to follow a proven system blindly, and complete every step with faith — and I’ll have them putting together solid deals in just a few hours. I know that sounds outrageous. But the following story proves my claim:

Several times per year, I hold a “Two Day Buying Event” for my mentor students. This event isn’t a seminar or conference. It’s about taking action, and getting things done. We sit down together, and students get on the phone to seller prospects and put deals together — using the system I’m about to show you.

Anyway… one of my students brought her 18-year-old daughter Amber along to one of these events. She knew absolutely nothing about real estate. Nothing at all. Yet within just a few hours…

She Was Landing Deal after Deal… just by Following the Steps and Working the System

Her head wasn’t clouded with all the junk most real estate investors have absorbed over the years… so she was actually at an advantage. She had no choice but to follow the steps carefully, to the letter. And that’s why Amber found it so easy to succeed: she let the system work for her, while she focused on working the system to the best of her abilities.

Right now, there are thousands of wannabe real estate investors, with tens of thousands of dollars worth of education under their belts… and they’re still struggling desperately to land their first deal.

They’ve gone through countless failures. Sometimes… they’ve almost tasted success, only to have it snatched from their grasp at the last minute. If you’re one of them, then I have a solution for you.

If you’re willing to forget everything you know — at least temporarily — and just follow my system faithfully, you’ll be able to make serious money. And…

When You See How Easy It Is, You’ll Kick Yourself Over How Much Time You Wasted

Here’s how I discovered the “For Rent Method”: I started investing in real estate back in 1986, when I was living in Los Angeles, California. The real estate market was crazy at that time. In fact, many of my friends were making more money on the appreciation of their homes, than they were from their jobs!

So… I bought my first property. It was brand new construction, and within one month of buying it… its value shot up by 20%. I immediately sold it, and made a huge wad of cash — for barely more than one month of “work”, which I did in my spare time.

It was nothing more than luck. Blind luck. But I started buying properties like crazy, and…

I’m Ready To Start Getting Seller Financed Deals Right Now!

Within Three Years, I Had Brought More Than $17 Million of Property… and Was Leveraged to the Hilt

You can see where this is going.

I was living up in the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles. In the evenings, I used to walk my dog, Jessica, and look at the beautiful lights and the skyline of the entire city…. while surrounded by palm trees and singing birds. It’s one of the best views money can buy. Life was sweet.

Then… in 1991, the Los Angeles real estate market fell by 30%. My $17 million in real estate was now worth less than $12 million… less than the money I had borrowed to fund it. Lenders pulled the plug on my construction projects, and…

My Real Estate Empire Crumbled to the Ground… and I Lost Absolutely Everything

If you’ve ever lost everything, then you know what it’s like. Your home, your cars, your self-respect… it all gets taken from you. People pound on your doors in the middle of the night, demanding money you don’t have. They serve you legal papers almost every evening.

And you cannot escape it.

One evening, as I was walking my dog Jessica up in the Hollywood Hills, the city was ablaze with the Rodney King riots. It was the perfect metaphor for my life – up in flames, and I finally saw the writing on the wall. My real estate business had collapsed… I was about to be homeless… and my wife was 6-months pregnant with our first child. I had failed completely, and I had no option but to move back in with my parents.

After Several Years of Being a Millionaire, I Was Forced to Eat Humble Pie

Life goes on. I had to rebuild my business and start making money again — and quickly — because I had a new baby boy to support. But I had no money, and lenders wouldn’t touch me with a 10 foot pole. All I had to offer the world was my knowledge… so I became a real estate agent and sold property for a living.

But at heart, I will always be an investor. So for months, I brooded over one question:

“How Can a Broke Investor — with No Access to Credit — Invest in Real Estate and Make Money?”

In time, I came up with an answer. When you don’t have money and you don’t have access to credit… the only thing you have left is your knowledge, experience and creativity — and your willingness to apply that knowledge through effort.

Over the next few years… this revelation evolved into the “For Rent Method”. This system allows investors to leverage their knowledge — rather than their own money, or money they’ve borrowed — and create enough income to quit their jobs, and then build their own portfolio of properties.

I’ll tell you how it works in a minute. But right now, you need to know that I’ve taught this system to my Six Month Mentor Program students for over 15 years. And everyone who has implemented this system went on to create a lifestyle for themselves most people could only dream about.

You can use this system too. Here’s what the “For Rent Method” does for you:

• You can replace your income and fire your boss… and live your life on your own terms, spending more time with your family. You’ll never miss your children’s recitals or soccer games ever again. (You can even free your spouse from the 9-5 slavery too, if that’s what you want.

• And after you’ve taken care of your income, you can create lasting wealth for your family… by building a portfolio of properties that will provide security to your family for generations, and protect the freedom you’ve worked hard to create.

• You’ll develop a red-hot reputation in your area as the “go to” expert… because you’re the only professional in the market who’s regularly putting deals together and seeing them through successfully. Sellers will go out of their way to keep you on their side, and they’ll bring their most lucrative deals to you… since you’re the only one they can rely on to “make it rain.”

This system is ridiculously simple. I’ll explain it in detail in a minute, and you’ll immediately see why it’s so effective. But first, you’re probably thinking:

“What About the Market? Right Now… Some Markets Are Hot and Some Are Not”

Au contraire, my friend. The market has very little impact on what I teach.. Plenty of people are making their fortune right now… and you could be one of them.

Listen, economic disasters come and go, but you can learn how to build a business that is ‘evergreen’ – a business that, with slight modifications, can be successful in ANY market – high end, low end, appreciating, depreciating. We’ve been doing this long enough that we’ve seen EVERY kind of market out there – both in the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK and lots of other places around the world.

And I believe we are going to be able to keep using these same techniques with only slight variations for many years to come.

I’ve taught and the For Rent Method to my students for more than 15 years and every year we improve it. And I’ve been using it successfully myself during all those years.

Just in case you’re wondering…

This System is Not About Taking Advantage of Other People’s Misery

The majority of families in America have bad credit. Maybe it’s because they had a gap in their job, maybe it was because of health issues, maybe they just screwed up. But I’m here to tell you, “We are not our credit report.” It doesn’t define us and it doesn’t define them. Many of these folks are honest, responsible, good hearted people with families and a steady income, but now, through a twist of fate, they’re in a serious jam. And there’s no obvious way out.

In their despair, they’re abandoning their dream of home ownership… and struggling to squeeze their family into some tiny apartment, rented to them by a slumlord.

The banks can’t help them, the government can’t help them – and so, many of these people become homeless or forced to live in their car. They have no place to call home, no place for their family and no stable environment for their children to grow up and be educated. It’s a national tragedy.

These people have the income to pay a mortgage. But they don’t have the credit to get a loan. Despite this, some still cling to their dream of home ownership.

On the other side of the coin… many property owners are in a similar boat. Their properties lie vacant and unsold, open to vandalism and disrepair… and any home equity they might have is ravaged – many of them have no equity or owe more on their mortgage than their home is worth. It’s like they have an open, bleeding vein. Every month that passes they have to make a mortgage payment… and more of their precious blood splashes to the ground.

And, for sellers in great markets where prices are rising or those who have lots of equity, we can help them too. All you have to do is show them how keeping a property and selling it “rent to buy” can actually make them MORE money than selling it outright. It’s the best financial advice these people will ever get.

Families Are Desperate To Get Into Homes… and Property Owners Are Desperate To Find Buyers and Tenants

These two different parties need each other. The “For Rent Method” allows you to bring them together and put a special type of deal together that solves both their problems… while keeping a share of the wealth you create as PROFIT.

You do not need to put any money down for these deals. And you will never need to show your credit, prove your income or ever talk to a banker. You’ll be investing your own expert knowledge, which you will learn in the training module of the Automarketer. And this knowledge is so valuable…

Both Buyers and Sellers Will Salivate When You Offer Them The Deal

The “For Rent Method” is absolutely not about exploiting legal loopholes… or using any kind of bank financing. And you definitely don’t need to get a real estate license. The entire system is very straightforward, as you’ll see in a minute.

You need a straightforward system. Real estate investing can be complicated and frustrating. You need a proven and complete method you can put your faith in and rely on — without having to get bogged down in all the details of every little thing. That’s how you get out there and make money.

Here’s what happens if you don’t have a system like the “For Rent Method”: You’ll keep jumping from product to product, program to program, course to course… just like you’ve been doing so far. Each one will tease you with the promise of a missing part of the puzzle… but there will always be some piece that’s missing. And it will stop you from actually getting out there and landing your first deal… and making money.

Instead, all this “information” will fill your head with rubbish and undermine your confidence. And the more of it you consume, the harder it will be for you to take action and get the ball rolling.

I’m Ready To Start Getting Seller Financed Deals Right Now!

Your Friends and Family Will Continue Mocking You… and Your “Naïve Dream”

They’ll tolerate your hobby. But in their mind, you’re just refusing to let go of a hopeless dream.

Every time you shell out for another book or program… every time you travel to another seminar… every time you spend days putting a deal together, only for it to dissolve before your eyes at the last minute… they sneer at you in a way that says, “I told you… you should just give up this fantasy of yours”.

Don’t blame them. They don’t understand. They’ve seen you fail before and they don’t have your vision. Only 3% — at most — of the population are entrepreneurs.

But when you have a complete and proven system, and you start producing consistent victories… your “fantasy” won’t look so stupid anymore. Don’t take my word for it. I can prove your dream is achievable.

Here’s what happened to other investors who adopted the “For Rent Method”:

• Armond Wright from Lee’s Summit, Missouri used to work fulltime as a manufacturing supervisor… and learned how to use the “For Rent Method” during the occasional evening. Five months later… he landed his first deal after 4 hours of work, and made $5,000. After landing several more shortly after, he quit his job. Now he’s a “fulltime” investor.

• John Lomeli from Sacramento, California was stuck in a rut after his mother died. He used this system and earned $3,000 of profit from his first deal, after just 30 days. Now he’s set to make over $100,000 over the next year.

• Shelly Fonner from Terre Haute, Indiana learned the “For Rent Method” from one of my ebooks. One month later, she landed her first deal and made $3,000 — just by following the steps faithfully. She then used the system to land more deals… and two and a half years later, she has a portfolio of 73 income producing properties. And she’s helped countless families get into their own home.

How can this simple system produce such dramatic results… while all the other real estate investing programs and courses you’ve tried have failed to deliver any results at all?

It’s all down to…

How the “For Rent Method” Works

1) You use the Internet to find motivated sellers — people who are eager to sell their property, or at least get someone in there and paying enough rent to cover the mortgage. (Unoccupied properties accumulate a lot of costs, and many of these sellers are already struggling to hold onto their property.)

Then you reach out to these sellers using automation — via text or voiceblasts — and ask them if they would consider selling “rent to own”. If they say “yes”…

2) You educate them about how you can help them find a responsible tenant/buyer — one who will treat their property as if it were their own, and who may be in a position to buy it within a few years. And you explain how it will cost the seller nothing.

(Many of these sellers don’t have enough equity to pay a real estate agent and their property is not going to sell the way they are currently trying to sell it. They will be eager to work with you, because… if they don’t find a way to cover the mortgage payments, they’ll have to go through foreclosure. And the ones who have a lot of equity will work with you because they will make MORE money if they do it the way you suggest.)

3) Here’s how you structure the deal: the seller gives you an assignable lease option, which gives a tenant/buyer the right to buy the property at a certain price within a certain period. Until that time, they — as the holder of the lease option — pay a monthly lease on the property, and to take care of it.

Your role in the deal is to sell that lease option. In return, you get to keep the lease option fee as your PROFIT — and the seller gets the first month’s rent and will benefit from having a tenant who will maintain their property, and then, possibly, buy it later. A buyer like this stops the seller’s bleeding and ends up making them more money in the long run as their equity increases, tax depreciation benefits kick in, their mortgage decreases and the value of their property increases.

4) So – you get control of the property with no money, you then market that property — not representing the seller like a real estate agent would, but on your own behalf. When the seller signs our Lease Option Memo, this agreement makes you a principal in the transaction… and that means you do not need a license or permit to sell the house.

Within no time, you’ll start receiving applications from decent, hard-working families who are desperate to move into a home again. You just need to select one, and introduce them to the seller.

5) Finally, you close the deal. You immediately collect a fee from the tenant/buyer, for the lease option… and the tenant/buyer also pays their first rent payment to the seller.

The tenant/buyer gets to move their family from a tiny apartment into a respectable home, which they’ll treat as their own… and eventually be in a position to buy, once they’ve repaired their credit.

And the seller gets a respectable tenant/buyer, who will cover the mortgage payments and maintain the property. After a certain period of time, that tenant/buyer can purchase the property.

You collect an immediate profit for flipping the house in the form of a lease option fee, and walk away with no further part to play. You are in and out of the deal in days or weeks without spending a dime or using your credit and you now have a wad of cash in your pocket.

That is the “For Rent Method”, in a nutshell. We’re not always giving buyers and sellers a perfect solution. But the solution we offer is almost always much better than all the other options available to them. And if they’re smart and you explain it properly, they’ll gladly accept it.

A lot of attorneys have reviewed this system, all across the country, and every part of the process is 100% legal, ethical, honorable and legit. You are representing yourself — as the owner of the lease option — and nobody else. This means you are not acting as an agent. You are not selling someone’s property for them. You’re selling your right to buy their property on a lease option. There’s a big difference. NOTE: I am not an attorney and cannot give legal advice, all I have is my experience to go on. If you need legal advice, please consult an attorney.

Do you know what the best part of this system is? Once you get good…

You Can Land These Deals, Flip Them and Collect Your Fee… Sometimes In Just A Few Short Hours

When you see what the “For Rent Method” can do, with your own eyes, you’ll wonder why more real estate investors aren’t using it. You’ll wonder why so many wannabe investors struggle, often for years, to raise cash and put together complex deals… when this method is so fast and easy.

Here’s why.

Although this system is unbelievably simple to use, and allows beginners to get out there and start putting together deals quickly…

There are a few subtle details that have to be absolutely right. If you skip them — or worse, get them wrong — then you won’t land deals. You’ll just chase your tail, get frustrated and eventually give up. Even though these details are simple, you have to get them right.

That’s why I’ve put together a…

Quick Start Guide and Complete Step-by-Step Walkthrough for the Entire “For Rent Method”

You’ll get all the knowledge, materials and step-by-step procedures you need… to go out there and start putting deals together, right now, using the “For Rent Method”.

Nothing has been left out.

You get every last piece of the puzzle — everything you need to start from absolutely nothing, find sellers and buyers, put deals together and put cash in your bank account.

Here is what you get:

• “The For Rent Method” — audio training recording, 35 minutes long. You’ll learn exactly how the system works and how to structure rent to buy deals that are irresistible to both the buyer and the seller — and 100% legal. This deal structure allows you to flip properties in record time, with absolutely no money down… and create a sustainable and scalable stream of regular income for your family.

• “Talking to Sellers” — audio training recording, 45 minutes long. You’ll learn where to find motivated sellers, and how to reach out to them and create interest. Most of all, you’ll learn how to lead the seller through all the stages of the deal with authority — which is essential.

• “How to Find Buyers and Close Deals” — audio training recording, 48 minutes long. Finding sellers is only half the equation. To close a deal, you need a buyer too. This recording will take you through all the steps you need to take… to get hoards of buyers calling and emailing you, desperate to move their families into the homes you’re selling. And you’ll learn how to get both parties together and close the deal… while walking away with your own slice of the pie.

• Three recorded Q&A sessions — together lasting six hours and 32 minutes. I explain and solve the most common sticking points students experience when they implement this system. These recordings are jam-packed full of wisdom and insight, and are worth coming back to several times as you build your business.

• Complete telephone script, detailing exactly what you need to say, word-for-word, when you speak to sellers. This script has been refined carefully over the last decade… and covers just about every conceivable response a seller might give you. (You’ll feel as if I’m sitting beside you, whispering things to say into your ear.)

After several rounds of practice, these scripted responses will become internalized… and you’ll just naturally say the right thing when you’re speaking with sellers.

• Lease Option Agreement Memo – this is a one page form which the seller signs and gives you control of their property. This form is the cornerstone of the entire deal, and has been carefully designed to put the seller at ease and inspire a sense of confidence in your expertise. Once this is signed, it’s on!

• Tenant Application form, which you use to screen potential tenants, in accordance with the system detailed in the training recordings. Although many sellers have their own forms, they almost always want to use yours. This affirms your authority in leading the deal… and keeps you in firm control of the entire process.

• Resident Documents, and Addendum — the final contract between the buyer, the seller and yourself. These documents form the agreement that closes the deal… and puts cash into your pocket. Getting these signed is the objective of this entire system.

These materials alone give you everything you need to apply the “For Rent Method” successfully, and start making money. You’ll be able to find sellers, put deals together, find buyers, close deals and collect your profits.

But, make no mistake. If you do these deals manually, you’ll need to put a lot of time and hard work in.

You’ll have to invest your own hours, searching the Internet for sellers… reaching out and contacting these sellers… educating them about how you can help them… getting them to sign the Lease Option Agreement Memo. All this takes time, and hard labor. And it’s very repetitive. We did it this way for years and made a lot of money for our hard work. But I got tired of the hard work and decided to figure out a way that I didn’t have to do all the work.

That’s why I created…

Two Automation Systems You Can Use to Perform 90% of this Work… on Autopilot

These systems work literally, day and night to produce a steady flow of qualified and educated buyer and seller leads. People who know exactly how you can help them – before you talk to them. People who have raised their hand to say, “Yes, I’m interested!” You’ll get streams of these folks on autopilot.

This is where 90% of the work for the “For Rent Method” is concentrated. Finding sellers and buyers, qualifying them, and then educating them… to the point where they’re ready to do business with you.

Both these systems automate all of that. (Often, these systems will persuade sellers to sign a Lease Option Agreement Memo form giving you legal control of their house… before they’ve even spoken to you!)

The first system is a…

Collection of Clone Websites… Designed to Educate Your Leads and Raise Their “Buying Temperature”

These websites have been carefully refined and updated for over a decade. And they have one purpose: to take a lukewarm buyer or seller, and raise their buying temperature until they reach out to you, asking for your help.

It’s like a conveyer belt.

You put raw leads in – some of whom have only the vaguest interest in working with you to sell or purchase a home. Some of those people are ready to go today – and you close those deals. The rest go into the automated follow up system and get dripped on without you doing a thing. Then… days, weeks or months later, you get eager and educated buyers and sellers practically begging you to help them. You’ll think it’s magic, but you don’t have to understand how it works.
Here’s what you get:

• Seller’s website, which educates seller leads fully about how you can buy their property… and persuades them to sign up to a series of autoresponder emails. These emails continually raise the seller’s buying temperature until they know, like and trust you… and reach out to you and ask for your help.

• Listings website, displaying all the properties for which you’ve received a signed Lease Option Memo Agreement. When your seller leads see this website, they’ll see that you’re the real deal… because you’ll have a comprehensive listing of dozens of properties similar to theirs. (You can use this website to automatically post properties that other investors in my program are selling. Even if you’re brand new, you’ll appear to have a portfolio of other properties for sale – we currently have over 500 real investment properties from around the country for sale in our system that you can put on your site. And this will skyrocket your credibility.)

• Buyer’s website, designed to give buyers all the information they need about how you can help them get their family into a home they can later purchase. Like the seller’s website, this gets buyer leads onto a series of autoresponder emails — carefully crafted to raise their buying temperature to boiling point. (Most buyers are eager to begin with. These emails amplify that eagerness, to ensure a smooth close later.)

• Every single website is setup automatically, and comes ready to use — right out the box. You only have to supply the domain names, which takes just a few minutes. (If you’d prefer not to buy your own domain names, you can use unique sub-domain names we provide.)

No matter how warm or cool your leads are, these websites and autoresponder emails tell them everything they need to know about doing business with you. In time, you’ll come to forget about them. But they’ll always work in the background and provide streams of eager buyers and sellers, who see you as an expert resource.

You’ll never have to make a cold call again… because this system gets leads reaching out to you. The only people you’ll call are those who have asked you to contact them.

But… in order to do its job, this system needs a steady supply of raw leads. People who have indicated at least some interest in selling their property rent to own.

That’s where the second system comes in:

This system has just one job: to give you a steady stream of motivated sellers who are eager to work with you. It scans the Internet and reaches out to people who are advertising their homes for sale by owner… and asks them if they’d consider selling their home rent to own.

But here’s the key: the Push Button Automarketer gets interested sellers to contact you. It gets them asking for your help… and positions you as the expert. This changes the entire dynamic of the deal.

Here’s how it works:

The Push Button Automarketer scans the Internet and goes through all the seller ads… compiling a list of potential seller leads. You can select which States, Cities and areas you want to target. Whenever a new seller ad appears, the system scrapes it automatically. This system always keeps its eye on the ball, so you don’t have to!

The best way to reach out to a new lead — and get down to business quickly, without fuss — is to call them. But that takes time and effort… if you were to do it manually. The automarketer uses its own textblast system to automatically send text messages to potential seller leads. I’ve already written the messages, all you have to do is press ‘send.’ Then just relax… while the system immediately starts sending out text and voiceblast messages for you.

You get your own private phone number, which seller leads call when they respond to your voice and textblasts. This protects your privacy… and lets you keep your business concerns separate from your personal life.

You can buy as many of these phone numbers as you want for only $3 per month each. You can get phone numbers with nearly any area code in the country – and that allows your call to show up on their caller ID as a “local” call. It also allows you to hire telemarketers or assistants outside the areas (or the country) you are working and still have the appearance of being local.

Also – you can set up different Automarketer campaigns to different areas, using different phone numbers. As you get more advanced, you will want to start hiring help to do all the tasks of the business for you and the Automarketer makes it possible to assign different phone number to different team members.

And you never have to check your voicemail again – all of the messages are sent to you by email along with a recording and a transcript of the message. (Take my word for it, when the Automarketer kicks off… you’re going to be getting a lot of calls. It’s fun for a little while, but then it starts to get a little annoying. This private number will ensure you can enjoy your down time in peace.)

The Push Button Automarketer sends text messages to all of those who list their phone number in their seller ad (90%). And these text messages have been specially written to get sellers to respond… and request that you call them.

• Every seller who responds to a text blast is added to a sequence of autoresponder text messages, depending on what their response was. This feature dramatically increases the percentage of sellers who become red-hot leads… and ensures no opportunity is ever wasted. We even follow up with the people who say “no.”

The Push Button Automarketer works day and night to supply you with a constant stream of motivated sellers. It operates in combination with the clone websites to ensure that you only ever speak with serious leads who are educated about your system… and are eager for you to help them.

$20 FREE CREDIT MONTHLY for phone usage and scraped ads.

NOTE: The automarketer gives you a credit of $20 per month to pay for phone usage, scraped ads and snail mail inside the system. You can expand your system and work as many Cities as you like, but you will be asked to enter a credit card for any costs over the $20 monthly credit. Click below to watch a video that explains all of the optional costs and features that you can use in the system.

click here to watch the video

I’m Ready To Start Getting Seller Financed Deals Right Now!

These Two Systems Position You as a High value, Trusted Expert… and Automate 90% of the Work

You will not be seen as a pushy salesman… but rather as a problem solver who has a solution to their problem. Many of them will have been trying in vain for months to stop the bleeding and you’ll be the only professional on their radar who has a viable solution.

It takes 20 minutes to set up both these systems. You only have to provide four domain names. (In fact, you don’t really even need to provide them. If you’d rather not spend any money buying domain names, you can use the sub-domains provided.) Once you’ve filled out the set up form, it typically takes our support staff 24 business hours to build your Automarketer system.

After it’s setup…

You Just Need to Turn the Key… and Wait for the Leads to Start Pouring In

Sit back and let the Push Button Automarketer and clone websites do their job. By the time you’ve digested the quick start guide and step-by-step walkthrough for the “For Rent Method” you’ll have a stack of fresh leads you can start working immediately.

You won’t have to purchase any supplementary products. And although I do have a personal six month coaching and mentor program where I personally take you by the hand and help you get your business started, I haven’t left out anything in the training I provide in this program. You won’t need any more coaching if you follow the system I provide. Everything you need to start putting deals together will be right there, at your fingertips. You will have zero excuses for not kick starting your real estate business… and creating the lifestyle you dream about.

But, be warned:

This Is a Serious Business Building Program… NOT a Get-rich-quick Scheme

If you’re expecting to turn the key, make a couple of half-assed phone calls, and then roll around in cash a few weeks later… then you’re going to be bitterly disappointed..Just like everything else worth succeeding at… the “For Rent Method” has a learning curve. And you have to climb it before you can expect to start making money. Some people have managed it in just a few weeks. But I tell all my new mentor students: you should give yourself between three and four months to learn the ropes. That’s how long you should expect to wait before you make any money.

But, I guarantee you: If you put the hard work in, study the materials and follow the all the steps exactly how I tell you to… then you will be successful. I’ve never had a single student put the work in… doing it the way I teach – and not make money.

I’ll tell you something else too. No matter where you are in life right now…

After You Land Your First Deal and Experience Your Own Success… Your Ambitions Will Skyrocket

When you finally have a replicable and scalable system for making money, the world is your oyster. When you know how to solve excruciatingly expensive problems, and you have the ability to leverage that knowledge… you’ll start thinking and dreaming on a completely different scale.

Does the “For Rent Method” really allow you to rake in four and five figure PROFITS… just for a few hours of work? Will these automation systems really provide you with a steady stream of qualified sellers and buyers? Yes, they absolutely will. And I can prove this claim.

Here’s what other investors are saying:

“Joe, this is the FIRST time I’ve made money doing anything outside of a J-O-B. That may not seem like a big deal and $1,075 isn’t going to allow me to quit my job just yet, but I’ve been trying everything under the sun for the past 12 years including other types of real estate investing. I can’t begin to tell you how good it feels to know that I’ve made my wife and children proud. For them to know that I can take care of them no matter what. And for all of us to be truly excited for the future now.”

– David Grosse (Belleville, Illinois)

“Joe, I’ve been having a lot of success lately (earned $9000 last month and looks like I’ll be doing the same again this month). I’m also buying the sports car I’ve been dreaming about for the last 2 years. (It’s a Nissan 370Z Nismo!) Thanks for all your help – you’ve changed my life!”

– Matthew Shock, (Atlanta, Georgia)

“The automarketer seems to bring in a consistent string of qualified leads. In fact, just the other day I got my first lease option signed without ever talking to anyone! They went to my clone site, put their information in, got an autoresponder email, then signed the lease option memo online with me doing no work at all. This stuff works! I barely have enough time to call back all of the leads I get between Oregon and Washington, and sell the deals I already have! I’ve closed two deals in the last month, one a $3k lease option fee, and one a $4k assignment fee on a land sale contract. I’ll be looking at quitting my day job in a few short months thanks to your system. And I’m averaging about 14 to 15% with voiceblasts. With textblasts, usually over 20%!”

– Casey Carroll (Portland, Oregon)

“This $27k option fee lead came from the voiceblast. I have only run the voiceblast a few times with 100 in queue each time. I usually receive 4-6 calls and sellers are very interested. With voiceblast, I am no longer short of leads. If I need leads I can turn it on at 9:00 am and by 2:00 pm I have several good leads. The voiceblast system has solved my lead flow issue. When combined with the email blasts, I can create a nice steady flow of new leads as needed. Thanks again for two great tools, Joe.”

– Doug Lynch (Phoenix, Arizona)

“Thanks Joe. By the way, this system is absolutely genius!! I love it. I’ve always known that the technology was possible for this but you have actually put it together. I could do a commercial for you!!”

– Darrell Odum (Myrtle Beach, South Carolina)

“I’ve been a full time Real Estate Investor for about 14 years. I wish I would have found your system years ago! There’s no telling how much more money I could have made!!! Your system is by far the best system for creating instant quality leads I’ve ever seen and I’ve tested about all of them!”

– Jim Stallings (Swansboro, North Carolina)

“The seamless manner in which the components of your system integrate along with the ease of functionality, is what makes you a genius. It’s shock and awe! And you can quote me on that one sir! I began my first automarketing campaign last night and I’m about to hit the phones. I’ve been fighting the flu but that’s no excuse to not make money!”

– Fontaine Lykes (Fontana, California)

“Hi Joe. We just closed our 2nd deal in 16 days! This one was for $6,000. That brings us to a total of $8,200 in 16 days! Wahoo!”

– Steve & Jana Guttner (Sheboygan, Wisconsin)

The “For Rent Method” is the best way for new investors to get into real estate. It gives you everything you need to start putting deals together, and make money. But it’s only the beginning. And once you’ve replaced your income and earned your freedom, there’s a whole new world of possibilities waiting for you.

That’s why I’m also including a…

Bonus – Free 30 Day Subscription to my Cash Flow Newsletter… Delivered Straight to Your Door

This is my flagship publication, and I put my heart and soul into. Most subscribers immediately interrupt what they’re doing, lock their office door and rip the newsletter out the packet… the minute it lands in their mailbox. That’s how important it is to them.

(Once or twice, I’ve shipped it a few days late… and I had students calling and faxing me, terrified I’d taken them off the distribution list. They thought they’d missed an issue.)

Here’s what you get, every month:

• The Cash Flow Newsletter — usually at least 8 pages long, and printed. Every issue is jam-packed full of proven principles and techniques you can use to take your real estate business to the next level… and fill your bank account with real cash. You’ll get complete information you can apply immediately.

• Joe Crump’s Expert CD Series — one audio CD, containing an interview with a real estate expert. I do notinterview wannabes, has-beens or self-proclaimed “gurus”. Every expert I introduce you to is actually out there in the trenches… using their techniques and creating serious wealth. Everything you’ll learn about has been proven in the field.

But that’s not all. I’m also throwing in the following bonuses:

• Bonus #1: Telephone consulting and coaching. Three to four times per year, I hold exclusive call-in sessions for subscribers. You can ask me anything you like about real estate investing, or any deals you’re working on… and I’ll empty my brain for you. Just one adjustment can easily make you tens — or even hundreds — of thousands of dollars.

• Bonus #2: Open fax. Send me any question — any question at all about real estate — via fax, and I’ll answer it in a future issue of my newsletter. Seriously. Tell me what obstacle is stopping you from jumping to the next level… and I’ll smash it down in the form of a knockout newsletter.

• Bonus #3: Member discount. You’ll get at least 30% discount on all my seminars, boot camps and member meetings — just for being a subscriber to my newsletter.

Listen. Real estate isn’t rocket science. But there is a lot to learn, and sometimes it can feel like you’re drinking from a fire hose. This newsletter subscription allows you to learn all the insider secrets and shortcuts… but at a gentle pace that allows you to digest it all. Every single month, you’ll receive ideas, techniques and methods you can use to optimize your business and increase your wealth.

Don’t take my word for it. Just read what other investors have to say about my newsletter:

“There is a wealth of information in all the material I have invested in and I am very pleased with the material. I know that this is the perfect business for me, I also wanted to help my children and possibly get them started in the real estate business.”

– Frankie Kozielski (Spring Branch, Texas)

“If you question buying because you have been ripped off before, or if what you bought didn’t help because you didn’t work hard at it, then look no further. If you want to be rich and not lift a finger or WORK to get there, then I wouldn’t waste time on Joe’s stuff. Only buy if you are serious. I would like to thank you, Joe, for being an honest guy, someone not out to make a quick buck off everyone. We all want to be well off, but truth and honesty is the only way to get repeat customers. Again, thank you.”

– Nathan Smith (Logansport, Indiana)

“Thanks Joe! I started reading and could not put it down!”

– AJ Romyn (Kearns, Utah)

“The things you’ll learn from Joe easily make it worth 10 times the price. Even if you don’t use it to invest in Real Estate, you can apply these principals to purchase a home for your residence or a bigger home if you already own a home.”

– Damon Dill (Chester, Pennsylvania)

“Well written and explained in great detail. Still worth buying at double the cost. Nice to find someone honest and willing to share their ideas and what has worked for them.”

– Danny Pollock – McLean, virginia

This entire package — the “For Rent Method” quick start guide and step-by-step walkthrough, the forms and scripts, the clone websites, the Push Button Automarketer — contains everything you need to get out there and start putting deals together. If you study the information provided and follow all the steps, you will land deals and make money.

Remember… I’ve had plenty of students who didn’t follow through with what I teach, but I’ve never had a single student follow the steps and not make money. If you’re willing to give your dream the respect it deserves, you will achieve it with this system. I guarantee it.

It will take you just 20 minutes to setup the clone sites and Push Button Automarketer. Then, you can turn the key and let the system find seller leads for you. And if you dig into the audio materials and study them carefully…

In A Few Short Days, You Could Be Speaking with Sellers… and Putting Your Own Deals Together

The “For Rent Method” quick start guide and walkthrough gives you all the knowledge you need. And by the time you’ve finished listening to all the materials, you’ll know exactly what you have to do… to put the deal together, find a tenant/buyer, and put cash in your bank account.

You just need to put some practice in, and sharpen your skills. And you’ll have plenty of opportunity to do that… because, in the time it’s taken you to study the materials, the automation systems will have already generated a stack of fresh seller leads. All you have to do is follow through with the system — just like you’ve been taught.

If you’re willing to put your ego aside, and put the hard work in… then you’ll start landing deals regularly within three to four months. Depending on your local area, each deal will be net you between $3,000 and $10,000 of cash. How many deals do you need each month to quit your current job?

I don’t know how much you enjoy your job right now… or how much it’s paying you. But if you’re like most my students, you’ll probably quit. Working for someone else sucks, especially when you don’t have to.

When You’re a “Full-time” Investor, You Can Live Life on Your Own Terms

You can get up and start work whenever you want. And you leave when you’ve had enough. You don’t have to waste two hours of your life everyday sitting in traffic for the commute. And when your kid has a recital or a soccer game, you can take time off — without having to ask anyone for permission.

You can take a day off when it’s your birthday. You’ll be able to pick your kids up from school, and spend time playing with them in the evening. And if your mother is sick, you can take time off to look after her.

When you spend time with your spouse at the end of the day, you’ll have energy and passion. (Corporate America does a great job of sucking all that away from you. No wonder divorce rates in our country are so high… when the daily grind turns people into soulless zombies.)

This system will change your life… providing you’ve got the grit to implement it and make your dream a reality. If you’re willing to make that commitment, then success is inevitable.

This system gives you everything you need to make it happen.

Let’s Talk about Money

The total cost for this entire system is $199 per month. That covers everything — the quick start guide and walkthrough, the clone sites, the Push Button Automarketer.

(There’s just one exception: the voice and textblasts. These cost two and a half cents per minute/text… (this is our cost for the phone time – we don’t mark it up – other voiceblast systems charge 12 cents per minute – almost 5 times more). This cost usually works out at between $1-2 per lead, depending on many different factors. Considering how much time it would take you to get that lead manually, this is a bargain. Do you know of any other serious business you can run for $199 per month? I don’t.

If you study the materials, put the effort in and work the system like I teach you to… then you can expect to bring in at least several $3,000 to $10,000 checks each month. This system scales to a ridiculous level. You’re limited only by your appetite, and your willingness to persevere.

The return on this “investment” is as high as you want it to be.

Listen. I know some of the promises I’ve made to you are outrageous. And I know that you may find them difficult to believe. So – even though I’ve explained how the “For Rent Method” works… and showed you some case studies of other investors, just like you, who have adopted this method… and shared some testimonials from people who are using this very system, I want you to be sure this is right for you.

That’s why…

You Can Try This Entire System Without Limitation And Cancel Anytime You Want

I’m serious. For one payment of $199, you get everything I’ve described in this message. It’s yours to use and abuse for 30 days, without any limitations.

You’ll get: all the education materials, an issue of my Cash Flow newsletter, all the bonuses that come with the newsletter, your own set of clone websites, your own Push Button Automarketer account, your own voicemail phone number…
absolutely everything I’ve described.

Listen to the audios. Learn how it works. Turn on the Automarketer and clone sites. And work the system exactly how I teach you to. And if after 30 days or ANYTIME after that, you don’t believe this system will arm you with everything you need to build the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of… then all you need to do is let us know. I’ll cancel your account and you will not be billed again. No questions asked. No hard feelings.

There are never any contracts or long term commitments. You can cancel whenever you like.

(By the way… you get to keep all the educational materials, and the bonuses that come with the newsletter, just for giving this system a try. That’s my gift to you, for putting your faith in me.)

You need to know one more thing:

Use of This System is Strictly Limited to Just a Few Real Estate Investors in Your Area

This system is powerful. It gives you a huge advantage over all the other real estate investors in your area and it will be watered down if we allow too many people in one area to use it. Therefore, for ethical reasons I can only allow just a few investors from any one area to use it.

I’m as serious as a heart attack about this.

If you pay for your $199 and you receive a refund a few days later… it’s because too many other investors in your area are already using this system, and I’ve had to cancel your account in order to protect their advantage. Please don’t take it personally..

On the other hand… if you’re sitting on the fence about this, you probably need to get your head straight. Your “investment” for this system is $199. You probably couldn’t even run a “We Buy Houses” classified ad in your local newspaper for that price – let alone get a full blown education and business system.

Do you really want to risk losing this opportunity to finally get your real estate dream off the ground… for the sake of $199? Do you really want to let this advantage fall into someone else’s hands?

Get 3 Months Free!

If you would like to get 3 months of this incredible program for free, I’ve put together a special offer. If you sign up for a year of this program, I will give you 3 months free. So, all you have to do is select the FULL YEAR option on the order page and you will save $597! The total cost of a one year subscription is normally $2,388, but if you get a year up front, I’m going to give you a huge discount – your cost will only be $1,791.

I’ll Even Throw In My “Push Button Method” Masters Course For Real Estate Investing For FREE

If you buy a year of my system, I’m also going to give you a program I normally sell for $997. I sell this program every day at this price – this isn’t some fabricated ‘special offer.’ You can buy the program at:

OR Get 1 Month Free!

If you can’t come up with that much money right now, I’m going to give you a second offer that is almost as good. If you get 6 months of the program today, I’ll give you 1 month free ($199 off the regular price). The total cost for 6 months is $995. Just pick the SIX MONTHS option on the order page.

I am going to give you my Push Button Method program for free even if you only get the SIX MONTH option. Since the Push Button Method is normally $997 by itself, buying it this way is actually cheaper than buying it on it’s own.

This offer is ONLY good when you buy it like this. PLEASE don’t contact me and ask to get the SIX MONTH system because you bought the Push Button Method in the past.

How to Get Onboard

Click the button below to go to the order page. Five minutes after you order, you will get an email with a simple online “site setup form.” We will click a button to build all the systems and websites for you and a “start up” email will be automatically sent to you – our work is automated too!

And when you login, you’ll be able to watch the “Quick Start video” (5 minutes) download all the educational materials and start your first email blast. When you get up the next morning, leads will have arrived like magic. For you, the journey will have begun.

(We’ll also send out your first issue of the Cash Flow newsletter, and all your newsletter bonuses too. You’ll have it all in your hands within a few days.)

Click The Button To Order:


Real Estate Investor and Coach

P.S. Still sitting on the fence? If so, remember, there’s no shame in leading a “normal” life, and working 9-5 for an employer. My Grandpa Pete said, “There’s no shame in being poor – it’s just damned inconvenient.”

If you’re hesitant to invest $199 after reading all of this, then being an entrepreneur may just kill you.

Sure… working your own hours, being there for your kids, using your time to build wealth for your own family — rather than some other man’s family — is great. I wouldn’t have it any other way. But you’re going to have to take some risks along the way. And I’m not talking about $199 risks. I mean real risks. So if you’re still hesitant to spend $199 on a system that’s already changed so many other people’s lives OR you just don’t have the money… then you should stop torturing yourself.

Get stronger, come back in the future. The prices may be higher, but we aren’t going anywhere. When the student is ready, the teacher will come – I’ll be here for you when you’re ready.

There’s more to life than making money.

LEARN The “For Rent Method” for FREE!

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