Automate or outsource all the tasks of your business

Find Leads

Develop and Educate Leads

Sell and Convert Leads

When you first get started making offers to sellers using my zero down techniques, it’s going to be a challenge.

It’s easy to get nervous, forget what you need to say and forget what you need to ask. You need a cheat sheet.

This system is the most powerful ‘cheat sheet’ I’ve ever seen to help you and any potential telemarketer you hire get the information you need to make an offer THE FIRST DAY ON THE JOB.

There is no guess work here and it helps you gather, archive and follow up on every lead like a pro.

Includes Websites designed to attract, educate and sell different kinds of leads.

1. “We Buy Houses” site to bring in leads that you can buy with nothing down.

2. “Rent To Own” Seller site, brings in Rent to Buy Sellers who will allow you to control their properties and sell them to an end user for a profit – without using any money or credit to do so.

3. “Subject To” site finds properties you can ‘take the deed’ and make payments on the existing loan. No money down, no credit required.

When you qualify, educate, build trust and sell, using our automated series of texts, emails and websites, most of the hard work is done for you.

I’m excited to announce a brand new feature in the Push Button Automaketer system.

We can now send SNAIL MAIL! Postcards, Letters, Self-Mailers… and we’ve already created templates for you to use so it’s as easy as pie.

Watch the video that shows you how it works

Hiring telemarketers can be wonderful if you know what you are doing. The biggest problem I used to have, since I would never want to work in a room with a bunch of telemarketers, is making sure they are making the calls and only billing you for the time they actually put in.

None of the telemarketers I’ve worked with, work at my side – they all work at home – which makes them very happy. The way I keep track of the amount of time they work is by using the phone system in the automarketer. It keeps track of the duration of their calls (how many hours they work) – and it can record those calls so you can spot check and make sure they aren’t saying anything that will get you in trouble or mislead your sellers and buyers.

This video is going to show you how to use this system to manage your phone people and your entire staff – and give your business a ‘big business’ look and feel to outside callers.

This video will show you what positions to automate, how to get started, how to split up the jobs and how to create ‘checks and balances’ in your team so nothing falls through the cracks.

It will also show you how we designed the automarketer to work with a team. It will almost manage your team for you and make it possible to designate different tasks to different team members. It makes them accountable to each other for their tasks. One team member relies on the others to do their jobs – AND if one of those others don’t do their job, you hear about it very quickly.

The video will also talk about two ways you can hire people – one of them costs 10 times as much as the other and should be avoided like the plague.

Some of my students like to travel and need a way to do business remotely from anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter if they are in Fiji, they can still do deals in Kansas.

Some of my students want to build a huge business and a huge portfolio, but they are limited by the city where they live. They use this system to expand their business exponentially and hire inexpensive workers all over the world to do deals in multiple Cities and States.

Some of my students think that in the area they live, you just can’t do the deals I teach (I beg to differ, but if you don’t think you can do something, you are probably going to end up being right, no matter what the reality of the situation happens to be) – and they want to work outside that area. This system will make it possible for you to pick the exact area or areas you want to do business.

Run your business remotely – never leave your home. It’s how I’ve been working for years.

The first thing you learn in marketing is that NOTHING in business happens until a sale is made. Sales and Marketing are the only profit centers in your business. EVERYTHING else is an expense.

So the most important thing in your business is Marketing and Sales and for real estate investors, that means finding sellers and buyers. You need to learn how to do three things:
1. Generate Leads
2. Develop, Educate, Build Trust with those leads.
3. Sell and Close (Convert) those leads.

If you want to do it every day, you need to automate the process. You can’t count on yourself to be disciplined enough to follow through with these tasks everyday.

Let a system do all the heavy lifting for you and take that weight off your shoulders.

If you want to build a business that runs completely without you – if you want to extract yourself from the daily tasks that need to be done, but you still want to make sure everything gets done properly – you need to build systems.

Everything your business does can be systematized.

But you need a way to set it up that makes those systems easy to implement for yourself or the people you hire to do the work.

This is the best system building program I have ever used – and I’ve used a lot of them. Get your whole team systematized and reduce your work dramatically and increase your productivity exponentially.

Never leave the house. That’s my motto when it comes to doing deals. If I leave the house for a deal, I almost certainly lose 3 hours of my life. The only time I want to leave the house is for fun. This video will show you how to work remotely. You can live anywhere and work anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

If the town you live in is too small to accomodate your growing business, you can easily scale up your business by expanding your area. You don’t have to stay in one place, you can scale up and work the ENTIRE USA – and even beyond that if you like.

Here are some of the tools we use to work remotely and have a team who works remotely from us. Did you know that I work out of my house and none of my employees work here with me? They all work from their homes and we collaborate electronically.

This system is designed for real estate investors, but many of you, like me, have other businesses or are involved with other groups or organizations.

Did you know that you can use the automarketer to market and sell to just about any group, organization or individual?

You can use the tools in the automarketer to create leads and convert those leads to new members, new sales, etc. You can build a huge list of people who want to work with you or be a part of what you are doing in your business, church, school, art – if it requires people, the automarketer can build that list.

Although we want our marketing to get to the right people and educate and sell them on working with us, we don’t want to irritate them.

We have to be careful how many texts, emails and voicemail’s we leave them.

The automarketer is designed to NOT CROSS THE LINE. We want fans, not irritated home sellers and buyers on our list.

Here is how we do it automatically, so you never have to worry.

We work remotely. We almost never go to the houses we are buying and selling. Every time you leave the house, if the deals you are doing are local to you, you will lose 3 hours. If you are working outside your hometown, it’s not just a matter of the time that is wasted to go see properties, it’s just not possible to fly across country to put a deal together. You have to do it remotely.

The problem with working remotely is that you may not know the area you are working in. You don’t know anything about the town, the people, the houses you are trying to buy and sell. You may be sitting in your room without ever setting foot in that City. By the way, that is how we make offers from my Two Day Buying Events that I do with my mentor students – we do deals right from the conference room in Indiana to areas all over the country.

Anyway – here is how to do deals in other cities – cities that you may never have visited – and look like you know that town intimately.

Use automation to find the house, contact the seller and make the offer. Your websites will educate the seller and close the deal.

A never ending stream of leads that will completely transform your business and allow you to scale it up and run it in as many different cities as you choose. How many motivated seller leads can you handle?

I used to spend hours each week listening to my voicemail messages so I could keep up with my business. Then, I discovered a software system that I purchased for $40 dollars a month that emailed me transcripts and audios of all of my messages. I never had to call in and listen to my voicemail again.

The new automarketer has this feature built into it – you don’t have to pay extra for this feature.

It changed my life when I stopped listening to voicemail – I know it sounds dramatic, but I’m not kidding – the time it freed up allowed me to focus on things that really matter.

Our propriatary “Datafeed System” allows you to share properties with our other users so that your personalized “Listing Website” has a slew of properties listed “For Sale” the VERY first day we build them for you.

We are constantly adding new features and new ways to market to with this system. If you need technical help, you are a click away from our world class support team.

Purchase contracts, phone scripts and tenant forms for you to download and use for no additional charge.

Use voiceblasts and our “Subject To” campaign to buy houses with no down and no credit check.

Get sellers to sign over their houses to you online BEFORE you ever talk to them. These deals are done with zero down payments and no credit check.

The Automarketer gives you a credit of $20 per month to pay for phone usage, scraped ads and snail mail inside the system. You can expand your system and work as many Cities as you like, but you will be asked to enter a credit card for any costs over the $20 monthly credit. Watch this video that explains all of the optional costs and features that you can use in the system.

Here is how we sell 20% of the homes we put on the market in 3 days or less.

When you implement this technology, everything changes. It’s all in the list – and having the right tools to build that list is everything.

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