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My Next Two Day Buying Event (For my Mentor Students) Is Scheduled For
October 12th and 13th, 2024

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Ruth Mejil – Austin, Texas

Derrick Hankins – Raleigh, NC

Armond Wright – Toledo, Ohio

Patricia L. Red Hawk, M.D. - Philadelphia, PA

Daniel Riegel – Galatia, Ilinois

Allan Andreoni – Port Huron, Michigan

TJ Faison – West Palm Beach, Florida

Shelly Forner – Terre Haute, Indiana

Jims Thimogene – Arlington, Texas

Elaine Clark - Greenwood, Indiana

Armond Wright – Toledo, Ohio

Tom Parris – Dallas Texas

Anthony Rivas – Washingtonville, New York

Jane Koenig – Crown Point, Indiana

Brad Picket – Burley, Idaho

Jason Courtney – St Louis, Missouri

Tony Hunt – Omaha, Nebraska

Casey Carroll – Vancouver, Washington

Ron Rabenstein - Muncie Indiana

Bren Stimpson – Kanab, Utah

Matthew Shock – Athens, Georgia

Adam Campbell – Windber, Pennsylvania

Kimberly James – Atlanta, Georgia

Ron Hughes - Russellville, Arkansas

Frankie Cuarez - Miami, FL

Shelly Fonner - Terre Haute, Indiana

Tim Madden - Cincinnati, Ohio

Malika Woody – Columbus, Ohio

Bren Stimpson – Kanab, UT

Don Sizemore – Tampa Bay, FL

Andrew Brennan - Baltimore, Maryland

Derrick Warner – Indianapolis, Indiana

Steve Lundahl – in New Hampshire, the Concord, New Hampshire

Perry Tobin – Seattle, Washington

Ronald French - Pensacola, Florida

Armond Wright - Indianapolis, IN

Daniel Riegel - Galatia, Illinois

David Shihadeh - Indianapolis, Indiana

Jeff Nichols - Milledgeville, Georgia

Randi Lange – Las Vegas, Nevada

Ed Smith – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Clive Clewer – Tampa Clearwater

Kevin McKee – Mundelein, Illinois

Armond Wright – Toledo, Ohio

Rodney Rhodes - Indianapolis, Indiana

Ralph Newton - Houma, Louisiana

Robert Greer - Converse Township, Michigan

Richard Parry - Dallas, Pennsylvania

Alex Cherny - Pahoa, HI

Paul Clark - Greenwood, Indiana

Hollie Place - Shelbyville, Kentucky

Frankie Suarez - Miami, Florida

Daniel Riegel - Galatia, Illinois

John Pfund - Livermore, California

Armond Wright - Toledo, Ohio

Jeff Bojonell - Newburg, North Carolina

Daniel Riegel - Galatia, Illinois

Valerie Moore - Atlanta, Georgia

Tommy Lee - Memphis, Tennessee

John Lomeli - Placentia, California

Daniel Riegel - Galatia, Illinois

Armond Wright - Toledo, Ohio

Glenn Davis – Tampa, Florida

Kevin McKee – Mundelein, Illinois

David Shihadeh – Indianapolis, Indiana

Kyle Skinner – Des Moines, Lowa

Lynn Smith – Woodbridge, Virginia

Rodney Rhodes – Indianapolis, Indiana

Michael Steenhoven – Topeka, KS

Jonathan Dowler – Greensboro, North Carolina

Jonathan Wood – Shiloh, Illinois

Ron Rabenstein – Muncie, Indiana

Tim Erway – Melbourne, Florida

Frank Garon – Breinigsville, Pennsylvania

Nancy Woodward – Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey

Bill Custer – Granville, Ohio

David Shihadeh – Indianapolis, Indiana

Louis D’Agostino – Brownsburg, Indiana

Fred Barry – North Oxford, Massachussetts

Mark Larpenter – Des Moines, Iowa

Sally Cevasco – Maryland

Rafael Varela – San Francisco, CA

Micheal Hatcher – Knoxville, TN

Joe Gruszczynski – Fishers, Indiana

John Vurpillat – Crown Point, Indiana

Jana Gruttner – Plymouth, Wisconsin

Jim Dralle

Jim Dralle

Jim Dralle

Jim Dralle

Two Mortgage Brokers – Huston, TX

Frank Berrian – Terre Haute, Indiana

John Lomeli – Sacramento, California

Allan Andreoni – Port Huron, Michigan

Prince Amos – LongView, Texas

Ero Oaiya – Antioch, California

Ron Rbenstein – Muncie, Indiana

Tom Parris – Dallas, Texas

Seth Beazley – West Columbia, South Carolina

Terry Elsner – Atlanta, Georgia

Dough Belser – Howell, Michigan

Latoria Reynolds – Pensacola, Florida

TJ Jancuska – Clayton, North Carolina

Terry Nation – Columbia, South Carolina

Patrick Bass – Little Rock, Arkansas

Daniel Evers – Chicago, Illinois

Pam Madsen – Indianapolis, Indiana

John Vurpillat – Crown Point, Indiana

Jimmy Reynolds – Jackson, Alabama

Joe Rodriguez – Chicago, Illinois

Dan Harvey – Clarksville, Tennessee

Daniel Riegel – Galatia, Illinois

Allan Andreoni – Port Huron, Michigan

Ken Rochester – Mundelein, Illinois

John Russell – Decatur, Illinois

Idris Talib – Atlanta, Georgia

David Shihadeh – Indianapolis, Indiana

Stephenie Janson – Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Trish Fee – Lansing, Michigan

Eric Janson – Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Michael Haisley – Indianapolis, Indiana

Armond Wright – Toledo, Ohio

Daniel Riegel – Galatia, Illinois

Gary Sinks – Rockford, Illinois

Gina Zambonino – Chicago, Illinois

Daniel Riegel – Galatia, Illinois

Dwayne Shears – Birmingham, Alabama

Tre Riggins – Atlanta, Georgia

Tom Parris – Dallas, Texas

Ryan Robb – Plainfield, Indiana

Shelly Fonner – Terre Haute, Indiana

Terry Nation – South Carolina

George Wyatt – Chicago, Illinois

Warren Rosenthal – Indianapolis, Indiana

Armond Wright – Lee’s Summit, Missouri

Terry Nation – South Carolina

Chuck Chaffin – Midlothian, Texas

Christie VanSteenwyck – Indianapolis, Indiana

Eliot Pollak – Toronto, Canada

Brad Pickett – Burley, Idaho

Daniel Riegel – Galatia, Illinois

Hope Crystal – Melbourne, Florida

Hollie Place – Harrisburg, Illinois

Ron Rabenstein – Muncie, Indiana

Bill Rafter – Lexington, Kentucky

Kyle Schull – Watertown, South Dakota

Daniel Riegel - Galatia, Illinois

Find Out More
About Joe Crump’s
Six Month Mentor Program

Details Here

Find Out More
About Joe Crump’s
Push Button Automarketer

Details Here

My Next Two Day Buying Event (For my Mentor Students) Is Scheduled For
October 12th and 13th, 2024

Details Here

More Case Studies Below

I have a full time job that keeps me away from this, but I’m putting in about 8 to 10 hours a week and I’ve done 7 deals and have three more working. I’ve made, up front, from these deals, $24,000 in the last five months and that’s cash in my pocket. And I’ve kept some of the properties like Joe teaches and will get to keep the equity and the long term profits. My plan is to do one deal a month.

Just as an example, I got one property that I got $3,000 down and $17,000 on the back end that will come to me in a year. It was a handyman special and I sold it to a guy who is fixing it up… so he’s doing the work and I get the equity. It was a pretty good deal. 😉 I’ve got another one that I just picked up today where the guy just gave me the house… just deeded it over to me. He said he was just going to let it go back to the bank. There’s going to be about $18,000 for me in that property. I’m considering going full time very soon.

Before I got involved I got injured in the heart. The company I worked for went bankrupt and didn’t pay me $60,000 in commissions they owed me; I also lost a $3,000 a month residual from them. And, on top of that, my wife kicked me out of the house. So I had no home, no job and no money… I had a rough time of it and it was a real struggle coming back. But I really believe that this is changing my life around and it’s going to put me back where I belong, which is financially stable and secure. I’m very excited about the next year because of what Joe taught. It was worth every bit of the money I paid him.

- Jimmy Reynolds - orange Beach, AL

“I’ve got to admit, I thought this Joe Crump was just another get-rich-quick scam… I’ve seen these guys before… but I just put another $5,000 in my pocket with about 3 hours work. All I did was implement what he told me to do at the last event. Now I’ve got 7 more deals cooking that should close over the next few weeks. My wife and I are quitting our jobs to stay home with the kids and “play” with real estate full time starting next month!”

Jim Dralle, Chicago, Illinois

I called an ad I had seen in a local paper placed by a contractor who purchases homes. We met at the home and it was right up his alley… he offered me $47,000 for the property if we could sign an Assignment contract that day… we signed on it only one week after I had first seen the property.

The deal closed and I received a check from the title company for $10,000! I’m still in absolute awe about this but I cannot wait for the next deal to come around. I must say that I have never come into that much money at one time and never with such a relatively small amount of work on that one particular project. Amazing!

Ryan Cerchiai – Austin, Texas

“Everybody knows about the state of the airline industry. It just didn’t seem like it was going to be that stable of a career choice. Within 32 days of signing a purchase agreement with a seller, I found a buyer for a $397,000 home. We are closing this week and I’m going to make $10,000 on it. The service that we bring to the seller makes them so happy, the guy that bought from me didn’t even balk at my price because it was such a good deal for him. I’ve done 2 deals and I only started 3 months ago.”

Andy Valenzuela – Colorado

It took 3 weeks to do my first deal. I found a $125,000 for $68,000 using Joe’s techniques and flipped it and made $10,000 cash before it closed. I did this in a few short days. The deal between the buyer and seller had not closed when I made my money… I got it up front from the buyer. The guy I bought from and the guy I sold it to knew that I was making a profit and it didn’t matter to them because they were getting what they wanted. It doesn’t take long to do this process every week and I do it part time. Sellers call my voice mail and I call them back to see if they have a deal that is right for me.

Bob Underwood – Stafford, VA

“The traditional method of buying and selling property didn’t work very well for me. They were over leveraged, the rents weren’t being paid, the repairs… I didn’t have any cash coming in. I want to build a sustainable business model that will give me at least $5,000 a month income. I closed my first lease option with your methods. I made $2,500 nonrefundable lease option money and I’m going to have $200 per month positive cash flow. I’ll make an additional $3,000 on the back end when they buy the home.”

Charles Morse – New Jersey

Just a heartfelt thanks for all you do and did for everyone who came to the event. I contacted my lead and its even better than I thought when I spoke to the wife. Its a $64,900 appraised that they will consider for a “subject to” existing loan of approximately $46,000. Freakin’ wonderful! Hope I can do this before I have to go on a ship again. Thanks Joe thanks so much- I’ll split it with you! lol

Jeff Robbins – Singer Island, Florida

Hi Joe,

I made over $600,000 in the past 18 months using Joe’s investing techniques. I had been investing successfully in real estate for a year or so before getting this material, but I never realized how incredibly profitable it could be. I had purchased a lot of properties, but I used my own money and my own credit… even though I was building my net worth, I always had cash flow problems and credit problems because of it. Joe showed me that this wasn’t the most optimal way to invest and taught me how to start creating chunks of cash flow on a regular basis… without bank loans or down payments. This material is perfect for the newbie OR the experienced investor. The newbie will get a step-by-step method to get started and the experienced investor will get a way to create consistent, high dollar cash flow… Joe changed my whole way of thinking about this stuff.

Rick Delon – Logansport, Indiana

Hi Joe,

I closed my first deal on Saturday! I sold the property very quickly once I changed my advertising to Rent to Own. I received $3000 for the Lease Option Fee, will get $50/mo on the rent, and will receive another $10,000 when the property is refinanced. I also have purchase agreements on two more properties here in Sheboygan. My phone is ringing like crazy with people wanting to Rent to Own – it really isn’t done much here.

I need more houses – so I am going to try the letters to expired listings. I can not thank you enough for allowing me to come to the April event. It made all the difference to see and hear in person how everyone is doing things. I realized today that I have to be on some out-of-town training for my job tomorrow, and so will miss the call. Please feel free to share my happiness with everyone!

Pam Otten – Wisconsin


I left without even saying thank you… so thank you so much. It was by far the best seminar I have ever been to. It didn’t feel like a classroom. It felt like friends getting together for a weekend. At the same time I learned so much! You are all great.

Thanks again and I can’t wait until the next one.

Toni Haney – Columbia, Illinois

Thanks Joe!
Go to bed! It is 9:30 here, so it must be past midnight there.
I am looking forward to our next call. I have an offer on my second property since joining your course and have been talking to investors, realtors, title companies, mortgage brokers and sellers constantly. My phone is ringing off the hook.

I just sent out a description (see attached) of my latest deal to my investor list with comparable home sales and placed ads in our local paper to sell it a home owner at an even higher price. This is what I did on the last deal and made 9K instead of a 3k flip. So, I guess it will be first come first serve basis. It could grow faster than I think! I am just happy that you finally got me going! The motivation and support is half the battle. Thanks!

Jeff Divers – Portland, Oregon

Hi Joe,

Here’s a quick update if you haven’t already heard the story:
Mid-June I closed on my first rental house. I picked it up on a lease option 2yrs previously. Currently being owner financed for next 8yrs. After attending the seminar I decided to use the Rent-To-Own method instead of renting it out again. I knew prior to the seminar that I wasn’t going to be happy being a landlord. That brings us to 6 weeks later; from my phone log sheet I’ve had 53 calls on it since putting the sign in the yard. I currently have someone who had a home inspection done 2 days ago, and I’m waiting to hear back from them.
Here are the details: I bought it for $119K. Monthly payments are $850. Pulled comps a year ago and determined approx. market value was $130-140K.
R-T-O is the method of selling.
Details of the sale: As is condition – minor cosmetics
Terms – 1 to 3yr contract
Sales price – $150K
Dwn pymt – $5K
Monthly pymts – $1100
So as it stands I have approx. $31K in equity. $5K of which I will get up front as the down payment, and the other $26K will come at the end of the R-T-O contract. And during the length of the contract I will be making $250/mo positive income.

Curtis Thorne – Milwaukee, Oregon

I want to thank you for introducing me to your program. I have learned so much in the 2 months that I have been reading your literature. I closed my first deal today after being in your mentor program for 5 weeks and received a check for $6,000 using no money down.

The deal: I structured this deal after only reading your book. I did not know exactly what I was doing but it made me $6000. I wrote a purchase agreement with a couple to purchase their property for $32,000 with all of the contingency clauses. They said are you going to buy it or not.

So I wrote a separate contract with them to split the difference between what I could sell it for minus closing costs and the $32,000 that we had agreed on. I had a buyer within 1 month to purchase the property for $49,000. It closed today. $49,000 Purchase price – $5,000 Closing Costs -$32,000 Agreed Price $12,000 Split Between Us ($6,000)
Thanks Again,

Rick Bacon

Happy Birthday Joe.

Congratulations. I picked up a deal today (not in slow motion either) fourplex for 98K needs 30K in work and will bring in $2400 minimum per month. Should appraise 180K easy ARV.
I close on another wholesale deal tomorrow that I assigned and my partner and I get about $3500 out of that. Going well here!

Frank Kerestesy – Virginia Beach, VA

Dear Joe,
We started slow and fell further behind with each lesson, but with your encouragement we kept climbing that big learning curve you talked about.

So at the end of 6months we had no homes yet, but we had put in the work and the next week are offer was accepted on Number 1 in January. Then we kept looking at homes and fixing up Number 1 to sell.

We kept making offers and by March bought Number 2 and Number 3 in April came Number 4.

Then in May things started rolling with the foreclosure sales and we picked up Number 5 and Number 6 then came Number 7 from a newspaper ad.

Well in June we kept rolling Number 8 and Number 9 to flip and we were ready to take a break with 3 of the rentals. But our Realtor called with a deal that she saw walking through an opening tour… so the next day we brought Number 10 and put renter Number 4 in it one hour after closing… and it’s only July!

But we kept fixing up Number 1 and really started to like it, so we decided to move in it and rent our home, an idea we picked up along the way.

So we kept cruising along with an extra $2,000 a month cash flow until Oct. 23rd, when it happened… it was the foreclosure of an apartment building with 4 – 3 bedrooms and 3 offices and it had a NO BID. I was able to get it for $3,900- what a deal!

It’s bringing in $1,825 a month… that’s Number 11. Then the next week we got a house for half-off that we had been trying to get from the owner for a year. It’s a 4 bedroom 2 bath home in a great area (Number 12) and we’re going to flip it. So… Santa doesn’t need to bring us anything this Christmas, Joe Crump already has. Thanks Joe and may God bless your family more than your family has blessed ours this year.

P.S. Now we can pay for our son’s college.

Ron and Victoria Rabenstein – Muncie, Indiana

Joe, We are indeed glad we came and enjoyed the group as well as the information. Our phone has been ringing with lots of questions being ask as far as “I’ve got this deal what do you think I should do?”. Going through the course gave us a clear insight into your vision for the program. I think it has great potential. I guess I did not realize how much I had grasped until Monday when a local investor called to run a deal by me to see what offer he should make. Without thinking I asked him about five questions and the answer rolled off my tongue. Going through the 6 Month Mentor Program and trying to do some deals before we came was invaluable as far as making the event most meaningful. The clarity and relevancy was there even that much more because we had gone through the information prior to coming.

Richard Spradley – Houston, Texas

Hi Joe,

I just wanted to let you know that I put together 6 deals at your Buying Event last week and now we are in the process of getting signatures and getting buyers.

Not bad for an 18 year old college student!

Amber Lusco – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Using The System Overseas From Kuwait!

NOTE FROM JOE: I got this email from one of my mentor students yesterday and I wanted to share it with you. In some ways, it’s just like the emails I get almost every day from my students – “I made money!” It’s like music to my ears.

In another way, it’s very unique – and that is why I’m sharing this particular email with you.

Sakinah lives in Kuwait and is building her business here in the States. Right now she is focused on Minnesota because she has family there, but what she is doing is remote investing. She’s doing it all without ever seeing the properties. She’s doing it without spending a dime on down payments. She’s doing it without using credit or verifying income. She’s doing it without making outbound marketing calls.

Everything she does is automated and outsourced – just like I teach.

Listen to her story below. She sent this to me unsolicited and after I read it, I immediately replied and asked if I could send it to you guys.

If you read between the lines, you will see that she is designing a business around the restrictions and choices she has made for her life. She is creating a business to suit HER – not trying to suit herself to a business.

I’m impressed!

Here it is…


Hi Joe,

I just made my first deal, $5000!!

The agent deposited the money into my account yesterday. I actually think I will be closing on another deal either today or tomorrow for another $5000.

I wish I would have hired an agent a long time ago. Well just to give you an idea of how it worked with getting and working the agent.

-First I posted an ad looking for a RE agent, I didn’t get any responses from that for 2 months, so then I scanned the Craigslist ads and found RE agents that wanted to help investors. I contacted about 5 of them. 4 of them were actually property management companies that had Tenant Placement services.

I choose one and I gave them a detailed description of what it was I was looking for, and they agreed to everything. I have the emails that I sent them and the responses they gave also, if you want to see that.

Well they sent me a contract, and after reading the contract I decided not to go with a bigger company because there were too many ways in which the contract was worded that would make me responsible.

For example, if they found a suitable tenant but for whatever reason I declined to put them in the house, I was still liable for payment. I knew I couldn’t do this since the owner of the house has the final say on who goes into the house.

Well I decided to go with a particular agent who told me that he would be doing this as a side-job…Prefect!!! He asked alot of questions about how I worked, and I even sent him to my online LOM (Joe’s Note: lease option memo – part of the mentor and Push Button Method) to show him how I obtain houses.

I told him that I would give him the 1st month’s rent or $1500 which ever one was greater. Now I believe the success with this guy is going to be the fact that he does not have a whole lot of experience, so he is willing to listen to me and do as I say.

And because he is young, he seems to be really motivated and willing to make a 40 min. drive for 1 showing. I don’t think an experienced RE agent would go for that. This agent didn’t even have any experience with buyer tenants so I had to tell him everything even though I am new at this also (but he didn’t know that):)

Originally I thought the agent I would use would have a supply of buyers and do alot more work with getting the buyers, setting up showings, and qualifying the buyers, etc. My agent pretty much just does the showings, and collects the tenant applications. I do all of the rest, and I don’t mind it.

I don’t want to depend on getting buyers through him or him talking to the buyers and sellers to arrange times for the showings. The buyers call me, I set up the showings, and then I call him to let him know when and where the showing will be.

The house that just sold was more than 40 min. away from him, he did 3 separate showings on different days for this house. The 3rd showing was a winner.

After doing the background check and getting the report, Adam (agent) met with the sellers for the 1st time and gave them the report and the Residency Documents to look over.

He then got the approval of the Seller for the tenants. He met up with the tenant buyers who signed the residency docs, and gave the LO fee w/1st month’s rent. The same day he met with the owner gave them the docs and 1st month’s rent, then he headed to the bank to deposit the cashier check.

It only took by that afternoon for the check to clear. He then went to my sister’s house, in which she wrote a check, with my checks, out for him. But from now on, I plan to set something up in which I just transfer the money into his account.

I plan to do this same technique in the states of Virginia, Maryland, Alabama, and New York. But there are some slight differences I will have to do. See my agent in Minnesota had to go to my sister’s house in Minnesota to collect the signs. I would plan on ordering signs from BanditSigns and getting them shipped directly to the agent that I am working with.

I have hired everyone to help me from online, with the exception of getting signs ordered and sending to my sister’s house, and my sister writing the check.

I let the sellers and buyers know that I am a RE investor that travels extensively so I am not able to meet with them, but I have an agent that can meet with them.

I haven’t had a problem yet.

Right now I am working on 4 more Lease Option memos, and I plan to do them the same way.

>>> Joe I have to tell you this one important point that I do – I am ONLY sending out the text campaign, I am not calling anyone, until AFTER a LO memo is signed online.

Because of the time difference, and that I am a busy mom of home schooled children, it is difficult for me to make phone calls. But enough people are responding that I can be choosy.

Now I do speak to the buyers after they leave me a message saying that they saw a house that they were interested in.

But I am planning on outsourcing the phone calls and getting an assistant to call the people back to set up showings.

>>> I’m am trying to COMPLETELY remove myself from the picture, not even calling the sellers.

Maybe I can get away with this with Rent To Own Sellers and I might have to speak to the “SUBJECT TO” sellers. If I can do this with Minnesota, there is no reason I can’t do this with every State, and just hire different agents in different states.

And do all of my work through emails, until I train someone locally to do that for me also. Joe I have a confession to make – I ordered about 100 signs about 8 months ago and they just sat at my sister’s house because I couldn’t find anyone to put them out.

I put an ad on craigslist (general labor) section a couple of times but no one responded. Just recently – 10 days ago – I put the ad in the transportation section and I got 5 responses within the hour!!!!Duh…all of this time.

About 1 week ago I got someone to put the signs out. Well I have gotten the buyers that I do have from just posting on craigslist, and zillow and from the sign in the yard.

So exactly 8 days after getting the LO memo signed, $5000 was deposited in my account. I am really striving to do at least 1 a week, even if it means I have to call people…darn LOL…

Well that’s about it – of course there is a lot more detail to it, but I have already written a mini-book here and I didn’t want you to have to read a novel :) Thanks Joe for everything :)


Sakinah McDowell - Kuwait

Chuck Chaffin “$8,500 In 30 Days!”

Note from Joe: This is the first of the emails that Chuck sent me about his progress. I didn’t edit it – just copied and pasted. Since he sent this a bit over 2 weeks ago, he has been sending other emails with other deals he has put together and some additional observations he’s had. I’ll try to post them in the future.


Good Morning Joe!

I purchased your Push Button Method course around mid-June. I spent about 3 weeks watching and studying the videos and made some half-hearted attempts to call a few “for rent” ads in the papers, and then stopped. Naturally, I hadn’t done a deal yet and was struggling with my confidence a little and just procrastinating, but I had seen and read enough to know that what you were doing and all your successful students were doing works!

So, I went ahead and signed up for the Clone Sites and did some Data Feed requests to boost my credibility around the first of July. I reviewed the “For Rent” method again and forced myself to make some calls and follow the script to the letter.

After maybe 8 or 10 calls I got my first very interested seller. It took them a couple of days talking it over and looking at my websites and they signed up using the Online Lease Option Memo. That was around mid-July. It was a great house, site built 2004 brick 3/2/2 just the next town over from me.

It was 2000 s.f. and in a nice neighborhood. They were wanting $145,000 and $1375/mo for the lease option payment. They were out of town owners, a preacher and a teacher, and the renter had moved out. They had tried selling the home in the past thru Century 21 and one other well known realtor but had no luck. The most they had ever received in rent was $1200/mo by the way.

I went to work again following what you say to do in your videos and got the property listed on my listing site, then I posted it online too. Next I got the corrugated blank signs, stakes and a big Sharpie Magnum and went to work putting out ugly signs around the neighborhood.

It took me a little over 30 days to sell it. Each week I would just make up more signs (no more than about 6 signs) and put them at busy intersections, neighbor’s yards on the corners that I would ask their permission, one in the yard, etc. and make sure my online ads were running and I was flooded with phone calls.

If I had 10 houses in that area I would have ‘em all leased out and be rich right now!! You truly do build a buyer’s list FAST! I actually sold the house for $152,000.00 with a $4000 down payment which was assigned to me. The lease payment was $1375/mo. I’ve attached some pics of the house, the checks and the contract I used! The best part about it was the gratitude the buyer showed in thanking me for helping him get into a home for he and his 13 year old daughter he just got custody of. That really hit home with me and made me feel great about what I’m doing.

Backing up a little, I actually made my first money, $1000 dollars, helping another fellow student of yours sell one of his properties which was located nearer me. This student has a lot of homes and needed some help getting them sold. He uses your methods solely so again, this was more proof positive that your methods work.

I am rushing here a little because Tom and I have to meet an individual to close another home I just helped Tom sell (again, down in my area) who’s making a $30,000 cash down payment. This property took me about 45 days to sell. It was a nice site built brick 4/2/2 built in 2000. The lease payment is $1200.

The gentleman buying it wanted to put down more money and do an owner finance deal so that’s what we are doing. Tom got the agreement for $114,900 and I sold it for $121,900 so we are splitting about $7,0000.00. So there is another $3500. I am about to leave now to go to that closing……..I already have $5000 in cash the buyer gave me on the spot last nite to hold the house!

That’s $8500 in less than 30 days and I’m getting close to selling another home and I just picked up another home and just posted it online. It’s snowballing so my next 30 days focus for September is getting everything totally automated and getting some help to help me do the grunt work. I have made a couple hundred in cash too by using your Tenant Application in the course and collecting $35 for the app fee……it really helps with the gas and the few sign materials you will need. And I have probably 300 buyers or more already in just 3 towns…….I’ve got to get more houses!

All I can say for any doubters, if you are looking for a true system that really works, a system that is PERFECT for today’s economic and particularly housing/mortgage market, if you want something simple and want to get paid fast, and truly be helping people, this is it!

I have checked out EVERYTHING out there for the last 2 years and finally pulled the trigger and bought your course, Joe, and it’s everything you say it is and more. I am so grateful for you, I am grateful you aren’t one of these flamboyant gurus, a rockstar that delivers nothing but hype. You are a true teacher, a true success that just flat out delivers!! The only regret I have is taking so long to get serious about this and taking action sooner. When I did, though, man it happens fast!

Forever grateful,

Chuck Chaffin - Midlothian, Texas

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Just a quick note from Joe

When people ask me why I’m in this business, I generally joke, “For the money, of course.” And it’s true… I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t do very well at it.

But when I meet people like this, see the impact that my teaching has on their life and get to know them as… almost family.. my perspective changes and it’s not just about the money anymore.

Instead, it’s a way to make a difference in the world and a way to help a lot of people realize their dreams. For that, I am truly thankful and feel quite blessed.

By the way, these are just a tiny fraction of the stories I have in my files and the pile keeps growing almost every day.

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