Sellers Sign Over Their Homes BEFORE You Talk To Them

Get sellers to sign over their houses to you online BEFORE you ever talk to them. These deals are done with zero down payments and no credit check.

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Joe: The automation and marketing techniques I have for you will amaze you in how it makes it possible to sell houses before you even have to talk to a seller. Here’s how it works.

Joe: Get sellers to sign over their houses to you online before you ever talk to them. These deals are done with zero down payment and no credit check. It’s hard to believe that someone would sign over their house to you on terms without ever talking to you but it happens to nearly everyone who uses this system. It doesn’t happen every day. Most of the time, you have to speak with the seller first, but it happens often enough to make this one feature alone a good enough reason to use this software.

Joe: The fact that this happens at all indicates that this is a very powerful marketing system. Even if you have to speak with most of the sellers, you can be rest assured that most of the time, they will have a very clear understanding of what you’re offering before you speak to them. This changes everything.

Joe: They say it’s who you know that matters, but because of our marketing and the way it educates and builds relationships with leads, we like to say, ‘It’s not who you know that matters. It’s who knows you.’ Our system gets our buyers and sellers to know who you are, even if you never speak to them. Let me show you the online lease option memo.

Joe: When the Automarketer system sends an email to one of the sellers on Craig’s List and they reply and say, ‘Yes, I’m interested,’ or, ‘Tell me more,’ the autoresponder system sends them an email back and gives them the link to this web page.

Joe: This web page explains the type of offer that we’re making. If they fill out this web page, then they’ll get another email from us with a link to the lease option agreement memo. This is a one page, very easy to sign legal contract that gives you control of this property; it makes you a principle in the transaction and it makes these deals legal because now it makes it possible for you to go and turn around and sell this property, even if you don’t have a license.

Joe: Because you are a principle; it’s legal to sell your own properties, and this document makes you a principle in the transaction. When the seller fills it out and clicks submit, they’re submitting their digital signature and it gives you the legal right to sell that property.

Joe: There’s nothing quite like the feeling of sitting around at home and suddenly an email pops up on your screen that says you have a signed contract and you have control of a property that will make you thousands of dollars (and you didn’t do anything to deserve it).