Our Datafeed System Allows You To Partner With Hundreds Of Our Investors With A Click Of Your Mouse

Our propriatary “Datafeed System” allows you to share properties with our other users so that your personalized “Listing Website” has a slew of properties listed “For Sale” the VERY first day we build them for you.

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Joe: Our data feed system gives you credibility on your first day as an investor by enabling you to list other user’s properties on your site so that you look like an active investor with properties to sell. Here’s how that works.

Joe: The data feed system allows you to share properties with our other users so that your personalized listing website has a slew of properties listed for sale on the very first day we build them for you.

Joe: No one wants to look like they’re wet behind the ears. No one wants to send potential leads to a listing site that doesn’t have any properties posted for sale. Our data feed system gives you credibility on your first day as an investor. You can populate your listing website with a huge list of houses for sale on terms. To an outsider, you’ll look like a real estate investing God.

Joe: When you post these properties on your site, every one of them will have your name and your phone number under them (or your assistant if you prefer). If you find a buyer, you can contact the owner investor who posted the property and see if they want to split the deal. Their email and phone numbers are listed so that you can reach them.

Joe: There are houses for sale on terms all over the world, but even if there aren’t any in the data feed from your specific town, it doesn’t matter. Just pick properties as close by as you can and you’ll accomplish the same thing. It doesn’t take long before most investors branch out to other areas of the country. Having an automated system like this allows you to work remotely. You can do this business while sitting on the beach sipping tall fruity drinks if you wanted to. Let me show you how it works.

Joe: When you first get your system set up, you’re going to get your listing site, and it’s not going to have any listings on it at all, and if you send people to this site, it’ll make it look like you’re not doing anything. So you want to make people feel like you’re in business, and one of the ways we solve that problem is by using the data feed.

Joe: The way you access the data feed is to go into the admin panel of the listing site and you can see there that, right now, there happen to be 620 new listings in the data feed. I’ll click on manage data feed listings, and let’s say I want to work with a specific user that I happen to know. I’m going to pick somebody that I work with all the time who manages my properties and then select all of those and approve all of these to be selected.

Joe: What I’ve done now is taken all five of her listings and put them on my site, so that when I go back and look at my site and refresh the page, suddenly I have five listings on my site in the area that I want with my name and phone number on them even though they happen to be Pam’s listings. It gives me good credibility if I send anybody to this site to see what I have. This is a really valuable little tool.

Joe: Also, if I want to work with this person (if I find a buyer for one of these properties), I can click on this contact button and it’ll take me right to their contact information and then I can discuss it with them. When I’m tired of working with them or I don’t want to work with them anymore, I can just remove them from the data feed and it’ll take them right out of it.

Joe: You can search by city, state or zip code, or by the user name. If you’re in my mentor program, then you probably know some of these folks. Or, if you get into the mentor program, you’ll get to know some of them. So, that’s the data feed; it allows you to network with other investors and give yourself credibility as a new investor in a way that I’ve never seen anybody else use in any other system.