How To Scale Your Investing Business And Do Deals EVERYWHERE

Some of my students like to travel and need a way to do business remotely from anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter if they are in Fiji, they can still do deals in Kansas.

Some of my students want to build a huge business and a huge portfolio, but they are limited by the city where they live. They use this system to expand their business exponentially and hire inexpensive workers all over the world to do deals in multiple Cities and States.

Some of my students think that in the area they live, you just can’t do the deals I teach (I beg to differ, but if you don’t think you can do something, you are probably going to end up being right, no matter what the reality of the situation happens to be) – and they want to work outside that area. This system will make it possible for you to pick the exact area or areas you want to do business.

Run your business remotely – never leave your home. It’s how I’ve been working for years.

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Joe: Hey, it’s Joe Crump. In this video I’m going to show you how to scale your investing business and do deals everywhere. You can do deals and campaigns in as many areas as you can handle. I’m going to show you how to set that up. If you got right in to the Automarketer setup, you’re going to see that there’s a couple of default campaigns already set up. I’m sending out to one here in Indianapolis right now, you can see the stats that I’ve got on it are pretty darn good, pretty good response rate, 54% is pretty amazing.

Joe: But if I want to go to, let’s say I want to set one up in Los Angeles. I can clone this series, and this is a series of text blasts that go out to the leads that are being scraped from Indianapolis right now. I want to send out the same series of text blasts to leads that we’re scraping from Los Angeles. So in order to do that I can go over here and clone this campaign. So I click on “clone” and it’s going to ask me if I want to do it, and I do, and it’s going to create a new campaign. And all I have to do is go in and edit and tell it which area to go after.

Joe: As you can see it’s set up as “inactive” so it’s not going to automatically run until you turn it on. So let’s go in here first and change it and change it to the area that I want to send it to. So if I want to get rid of Indianapolis and I want to put in Los Angeles I can hit Los Angeles and I can hit maybe Long Beach and let’s hit West Side as well. So I can hit there areas now and I can also change my phone number. Right now I’ve only got this one phone number in this system, but if I go over to the phone system I can actually buy a new phone number with a 213 Area Code. This is a 317 Area Code, which is an Indiana number.

Joe: If I buy one with a 213 number, all my texts will come from a 213 number and it’ll make me look like I live or that I’m located in that town. And that’s a great thing to have. So when they contact you and they contact you on the 213 number, you’re going to know that that lead is coming in from California because you sent it out to them. So that’s all you have to do. You save the progress here, again, you want to go out and buy that phone number. Why don’t I show you how to do that real quick since we probably have a minute to do that?

Joe: Let’s go to the phone system. All you have to do is click on “buy a new number” type in the Area Code that I want, that’s a California Area Code, and find a number. And it finds me a number immediately. I can keep clicking through here until I find one that I like, maybe one that has multiple numbers that are the same, that makes it easier to remember. Some of these are, one of the problems is you can’t go back on these but you, as soon as you find one that looks reasonable, you can go ahead and accept it and you can hit “purchase the number” and it costs you $3.00 a month to keep it, and it just takes it out of your account. So if I go back to the Automarketer campaign, all I have to do now is click “inactive” or hit “run this campaign” and it’ll start. And it’ll start scraping the California, and it’ll start sending out the email text series that is in this particular campaign.

Joe: Theoretically, I can do this with as many cities or states as I want to. There’s no limit on it. The old Automarketer, we limited you to five areas on craigslist that are being scraped. But now you can pull as many as you want, you know, and text to as many of these as you choose. So you can have a constant stream of leads coming in all the time and you can build new team members and new people that are making calls for you. We’ve actually got a section in here for team management so you can add team members and you can assign different team members different leads so it’s a very nice way to be able to build a business and keep control of it all without your having to very much of the work.