How To Never Need To Check Your Voicemail Again

I used to spend hours each week listening to my voicemail messages so I could keep up with my business. Then, I discovered a software system that I purchased for $40 dollars a month that emailed me transcripts and audios of all of my messages. I never had to call in and listen to my voicemail again.

The new automarketer has this feature built into it – you don’t have to pay extra for this feature.

It changed my life when I stopped listening to voicemail – I know it sounds dramatic, but I’m not kidding – the time it freed up allowed me to focus on things that really matter.

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Joe: It’s Joe Crump. In this video I’m going to show you how to never, ever, ever have to check your voice mail again. I love this. I’ve been using a system like this for a while and we designed this system in our other tools that I’ve been using from other providers and tried to combine them all into one place to make it a lot easier for you to use instead of having to have lots of different tools and monthly payments from all kinds of different places doing this stuff. We put it all in one place. And the way we did it is we made it possible for you to have phone numbers that, you know, when somebody calls that phone number it will record that call then leaves a message. It’ll record that call. It’ll transcribe that call and then it’ll email you the .wav file and the transcription of that call. Let me show you how it works.

Joe: I’ve got two phone numbers in this particular account right now. I’m going to call from this number into this number and leave a message. And I’m going to do it right from the phone system here, right from the CRM. So I’ve typed in this message, or this number, which is where it’s going, and it’s going out from this number and I can send, I can call out from any number in the system or any system number that I’ve bought which is what I’m going to do here.

Joe: It’s going to ring four or five times, I’m going to pause it. “…Joe. Leave a message after the beep and I’ll get back with you as soon as I can.” Testing, one, two, three. Testing, one, two, three. Now, in just twenty seconds or so it’s going to show up in my email box. So here’s what it looks like in the, as an email and if I want to listen to the audio I can click, it downloads the .wav file and I can open it up.

Joe: “Testing, one, two, three. Testing, one, two, three.” This system has been such a time saver for me. I haven’t checked my, and, again, this is one of those tools that I pay $40 a month for in order to have this in my voice mail which I no longer have to pay that money for anymore because it’s part of the Automarketer and it’s part of the other things that we’ve built. That’s the beauty of a system like this. It’s got so many different pieces to it that you’d have to buy with separate monthly charges if you bought them individually.