How To Get Home Sellers To Say "YES" To Your Zero Down Offer BEFORE You Speak To Them

Includes Websites designed to attract, educate and sell different kinds of leads.

1. “We Buy Houses” site to bring in leads that you can buy with nothing down.

2. “Rent To Own” Seller site, brings in Rent to Buy Sellers who will allow you to control their properties and sell them to an end user for a profit – without using any money or credit to do so.

3. “Subject To” site finds properties you can ‘take the deed’ and make payments on the existing loan. No money down, no credit required.

When you qualify, educate, build trust and sell, using our automated series of texts, emails and websites, most of the hard work is done for you.

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Joe: Hey, this is Joe Crump. I’m going to show you in this video how to get home sellers to say yes to your zero down offers before you speak with them. And the way we’re doing it is by sending out a series of text messages and we’re using the Automarketer campaign to do that. And if we go in to these, this campaign here, you don’t have to set any of this up. This is already set up as a default in the campaign, or in the program, and you can create new campaigns and do them in any configuration you want. But I’m going to show you we set it up and what’s been working so effectively for us.

Joe: So, let’s go into this Automarketer and look at the campaign itself. We’ll go to a text and voice messages because this is where the series is, and as you can see, you can pick a lot of different campaigns here and you can create your own campaign or you can edit this campaign and in the Automarketer you can send out either text blasts or voice blasts to leads that are scraped from craigslist. If you go into the follow up system you can send text, voice and email address to your leads that are in your system. But you can’t send email addresses anymore to the Automarketer and scrape the leads.

Joe: But let’s just look here at, on Day 1, this text is going out. On Day 4 another text is going out, but in this text there’s a link and this is a tracking link, so it’s made to be short so that it fits into a text easier. And this tracking link takes you to one of the clone sites. And all through this series, on Day 8 another text goes out, but this is a different clone site, and then it sends out one without a, on Day 15 it sends out one without a URL and then it sends one with one. So, what it’s doing through this process over a three month period is sending them different options about how we can make offers to them.

Joe: Let me show you the clone sites that it sends them out to. The first one is the Rent To Own seller site. And they can listen to this audio, it explains how they can sell their property and what we do. Now it doesn’t it cost them any money to do it, and you can edit this site, too, so you if you don’t have a big buyer’s list you can change that. And then it gives them a place where they can fill out their information and put in the information about their property and say, “Yes, I’d consider selling my home with a lease option.” Now, this recording is completely written out down below here, so it gives them all the information that they need in order to make this decision to work with you.

Joe: It also answers a lot of frequently asked questions, and this is actually a good one to read because it’ll give you information about rent to own sellers and objection handling techniques that you can use. And you can find this particular clone site, my version of the clone site here, at And you can read through this and take a look at it for yourself.

Joe: If your seller fills this out, that means that they are highly qualified leads and if you know what you’re doing when you’re talking to sellers, the likelihood that you’re going to be able to close a deal when they fill out this form is very, very high. Because they more a lead has to do to get you their information, the more qualified they become, they more they’ve raised their hand saying, “Yes, I really am interested,” rather than just responding to a text. Responding to a text is good. Filling out a form is amazing. So, that’s what we would like to see.

Joe: Now, most of the time, you’re leads are just going to respond back by text or by giving you a phone call. And then you need to call them. And even if you do get people to fill out these forms and you have these highly qualified leads, you still have to be competent on the phone to be able to speak to them intelligently about the offer and about what you’re trying to do. So until you learn how to speak intelligently about this, these leads are only going to be as good as everything else because when you’re not competent, the people on the other end are going to hear not just incompetence, they’re going to hear “scam” because you feel uncomfortable when you’re talking to them and that discomfort will mean something else to them than sometimes what it actually is, which is just incompetence and not that you’re trying to scam them.

Joe: So, learn how to talk to people. I would say that 80% of the time that I spend with my students in my mentor program is teaching them how to speak to sellers and I tell them give yourself three or four months before you can expect to make money in this program and that’s if you put in eight to ten hours a week talking to sellers and learning how to do it. And you won’t have to do that forever. Once you learn how to do it, then you’re going to close a much higher level of leads that are coming in. But at the beginning, you’re going to close a lot fewer of the leads that come in until you get competent at it.

Joe: So if we go down the line of other leads here and look at some of these other URL’s, and by the way, this is a tracking tab, or a tracking URL, so we’ve made it intentionally shorter so that it’ll, and then it’ll keep track of how many leads that you’re getting. If we look at what we’ve got just in this short time that we’ve been running this particular campaign, you can see that we’ve gotten 101 unique, or total clicks, and 54 unique clicks. That means that 54 people have clicked 101 times. So, almost two times per person. And that means that you’ve got some interest in these campaigns and in these websites.

Joe: The second website that it’s taking them to is, this is one of the oldest websites that I created back when the internet was still new and it’s just a we will buy your house site. And it explains what we do and the kind of properties that we buy and it allows them to make, let us make an offer on their home and give us the information we need. And this information on this page, how much do you want for it, what do you think it’s worth, what kind of condition, how long have you owned it, why are you selling, all of this information is stuff that you need in order to use the zero down structure hierarchy that I teach to build, to make an offer, on every single property that comes through here. Even if it’s a full priced offer, we can, even if it’s a full price property, or they owe 100% on this mortgage, we can still make an offer. Even if they’re upside down we can still make an offer using the zero down structure hierarchy. So, make sure you learn those techniques so that you can convert these leads.

Joe: The third type of, the third place that it sends them to is the Subject To site. This is the page that it takes them to and it explains how Subject To works and it allows them to tell us whether they need to sell it because they have a mortgage that is so high and they don’t have enough money to sell the property, or they just want to make more money by selling it. And we can help both types of people in this situation. And this explains how the offer works, how a Subject To works, how we take over properties, what we do for them and what their risks are and some of the questions that people have about this.

Joe: This is the one that you’re going get the fewest people to fill out because they’re actually deeding you the property. But when somebody says, “Yes, I’ll deed you the property immediately,” that’s a wonderful thing. And you suddenly have a house that you can take over and you start making money on immediately.

Joe: So all three of these websites will help. And we’ve got other websites that go through the, you know, that are in the clone sites as well. But these are the three that are in this particular three month campaign. Once we get these leads then we can work with them in our CRM, if go over to the lead management software, and you can work with the leads inside the CRM, keep track of their property, keep track of everything. I’m going to show you how to use this in a different video. But this is the process of following up on the people that respond to these leads.

Joe: Anyway, I wanted you to see how we can actually get offers and get sellers to say yes, even before we speak to them. Thanks a lot.