How To Build A Huge Buyers List And Sell 20% Of Your Properties In 3 Days

Here is how we sell 20% of the homes we put on the market in 3 days or less.

When you implement this technology, everything changes. It’s all in the list – and having the right tools to build that list is everything.

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Joe: It’s Joe Crump. In this video I’m going to show you how to build a huge buyer’s list and be able to send them emails, texts, voice blasts, do it all in five minutes and be able to sell 20% of your properties to them within three days. Once you get to a list that’s got 500 to a 1,000 people on it, that’s the statistic that we’re typically seeing. So once you go through this process and start building a list and start doing deals, it’s not hard to build a list of 500 people in a very short period of time because a lot of people respond to lease option ads and we develop these ads through craigslist, through Zillow, through Facebook groups, through signs in the yard, through signs around the area through other types of advertising that I teach.

Joe: Sometimes we drive them to a website like this clone site which teaches them how to buy rent to buy homes, and asks them for their information and when they fill out this form, and listen to this audio and this audio, by the way gives them this information, it teaches them why rent to buy makes sense and how to buy these types of properties. So, when they listen to this information and fill out this form, then their data, all the information about them, what they have, how much they’ve got for a down payment, all that information, goes into the lead sheet in the Automarketer.

Joe: So when you come to the Automarketer you’ll see that you’ve got buyers in here. And on this particular account I don’t have very many buyers in this account. These are just test buyers right now just to show you how it works. So they can come in through the clone sites, or you can create a new lead and put one in manually if you prefer to do it that way or if you’re speaking to someone on the phone or they called on a sign and you can just type in their information here and you could put in the information that you need about them and save the changes.

Joe: If I just type in the name of a new buyer, and I type in their email address and then I can save the changes and it’s going to take me to the larger lead sheet. Now I can then add them in as a buyer, I can add them in as a seller, and I can also put more information about them here and I can edit that information. I can add a property to this lead, or properties that they might be interested in to this lead. So once the leads are in the system then we can go to our lead management tool and we can see the leads that we’ve got that are in the buyer section by picking the buyer thing and then clicking on search and it’ll pull up all of our buyers.

Joe: Now, if I want to put these buyers into a follow up campaign, I can do that as well. I can click “Select All” so it selects all of these people. So what I can do next is, I can edit the follow up campaign so I can add these people to the follow up campaign. I can either remove them from campaigns or I can add them for a campaign. So if I scroll down here I can find the Rent to Own Buyer Campaign and add them to that campaign. And if I save changes it’ll put these two leads, and that’s all I’ve got in here right now, into a follow up campaign. And if I just want to check to make sure they went in that follow up campaign, I can click on this little doo-dad here and it’ll show me the campaigns that they’re in, so that they’re in this campaign.

Joe: Now, let me show you what the campaign actually looks like. This is the follow up system. If I scroll down I can actually see what’s in these campaigns. I put them in this Rent to Own Buyer Campaign. So let’s take a look at this campaign, I can either clone this campaign or I can just view it, which is what I’m going to do here. And when I view it I can see the series of emails that go out to these buyers. There’s seventeen emails that go out over forty-one days. And also during that time you’re going to be sending them individual broadcast messages of new properties that you have for sale. And I’m going to show you that in a minute.

Joe: But say I just wanted to look at what these emails say. Let’s start by looking at the second one here. I’m going to go in here and click on this button and it’ll pull up the email itself and you can see there’s merge fields here, there’s website merge fields here to send them to the clone site that’s applicable. And you can go in here and you make modifications, like changing a typo like that, and then you can save it. So that’s one way to talk to your buyer’s list.

Joe: The second way is to send them broadcast messages. If I want to click on Broadcast Messages here I can send out a message, text, an email or a voice blast to anybody, to any group of people. So if I go in here I can pick whether it’s text or voice or email. If I want to just send out an email blast every time I get a new property for sale, I can create an email with all the information. I can add pictures, I can add attachments to that. I can add merge fields for the lead. I can add a subject line and then I can save it and go on to the next piece which is doing a little search to send the message and then I can put in the tags that I want in order to pick the group that I want to send. Let’s say I want to send it to buyers. I can do a search and all the buyers on this particular list will come up and then I can hit broadcast message to these two leads.

Joe: Right now there’s like two buyers in this particular account. One of them doesn’t have an email address so if I send out an email it’s only going to go out to one. If I want to get rid of one of them, I can click on this button and it’ll remove them from the list and it’ll only broadcast to the one.

Joe: If I ask it to send out a text message then it’s going to allow me to put in some messages here. Mostly if I want to put in a link here I can type in the link and put in the long link, and let’s say I want to shorten this because I only get 160 characters in this. I can create a tracking link by clicking on this button here and it’ll shorten it and keep track of the amount of clicks, and unique clicks and total clicks. So it’s pretty cool. And then you could send this one out the same way.