How The Automarketer Prevents Sellers From Getting Bombarded With Text Messages

Although we want our marketing to get to the right people and educate and sell them on working with us, we don’t want to irritate them.

We have to be careful how many texts, emails and voicemail’s we leave them.

The automarketer is designed to NOT CROSS THE LINE. We want fans, not irritated home sellers and buyers on our list.

Here is how we do it automatically, so you never have to worry.

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Joe: Hey, this is Joe Crump. In this video I’m going to show you how the Automarketer keeps from bombarding people with too many emails or hitting them at the wrong times and making them mad at you.

Joe: One of the things you have to remember when you’re doing any type of text blast messages, people are going to look at your texts. 99% of texts that go through will be looked at in a very short period of time. So that’s why texts are so effective. If you send too many of them to them, they’re going to start getting irritated with you, so you want to try to balance that out. So what we’ve done is created some safeties in this system to make that happen.

Joe: In the text blast series that we do for the people who are selling their homes, it will send out a text to them. It sends out a series in this particular campaign, a three-month series, and you can do this as individual campaigns or you can do it as series campaigns. This is a series campaign. And it’s going to send out messages to them over a sequence, over time. It’s going to scrape the lead from craigslist and then it’s going to send it out. It’s going to look at the Area Code of the phone number that it’s sending to and it’s going to determine which time zone it’s in. So if it’s in, you know, Pacific time it’s going to be based on Pacific time. If it’s in Mountain time it’s going to be based upon Mountain time. And it’s going to send those texts anytime between 9:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. at night.

Joe: It’ll never send a text or a voicemail to their phone any other times beyond that. And it also will only send them, scrape and send, once per week. So you can’t send, it won’t scrape and send every day, even if they send, even if they post a new ad. It’s going to recognize their phone number and it’s not going to send them out two or three emails in one week unless you set up your sequence to do that. So what it’s going to do is, it’s going to scrape them and then it’s going to send it and it’s going to put it into the sequence and you can do your sequencing so you can send it multiple times if you want.

Joe: But it’s better to let, use our sequences because we’ll send out the first one, and then two days later another one and then two days later another one then two days later another one and then a week after that another and two weeks after that another one. So we’ve set it up so that it doesn’t bombard them quite as much and solve the problem that way.

Joe: Now, despite the way we set this up and try to, you know, make it not too unpleasant for the people that are getting the messages, we also have a blacklist. So if someone gets upset at us we put them on the blacklist. If they send back an email that’s an angry email, and what we’ve done is we’ve gone to Google and Google has five hundred words that are curse words or variations of curse words, different spellings of curse words, and we’ve taken all five hundred of those and if any message comes back to the system with one of those words in it, it puts them in a blacklist. And this blacklist will take either em- phone numbers or emails and you can put them in manually or it’ll happen automatically if the system sees one of those words.

Joe: Also it looks for words like “Stop” or “Opt Out,” those types of things, “Stop emailing me,” or “Stop texting me” and it’ll opt those people and put them on the blacklist. And once they’re on this blacklist they’ll never get another text, email from our system ever again until you take them off that blacklist. So, if something gets through the filters that’s, or where they’re irritated with you, you can always put them on the blacklist and not send to them again. Most of the time we don’t have problems with that because we’ve got the filters set up in a way not to be that irritating. And remember, we’re not sending spam to these people. These are people that are asking to sell their property. They’ve advertised to sell their property, they aren’t just home owners, these aren’t just people that you’re calling randomly off the street. These are people that have actively advertised their homes for sale and we are responding to their advertisement. And we’re responding with an offer on their property, so we’re giving them exactly what they want. So if they do get upset with you for some reason, there’s no reason for them to do that because we are giving them exactly what they’re asking for. So that’s how we do texting in the friendliest, legalist, most feasible way possible.