Get Motivated Home Sellers Calling You Today! Automation Finds The House And Makes The Offer

Use automation to find the house, contact the seller and make the offer. Your websites will educate the seller and close the deal.

A never ending stream of leads that will completely transform your business and allow you to scale it up and run it in as many different cities as you choose. How many motivated seller leads can you handle?

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Joe: Hey, this is Joe Crump. This video is going to show you how to use the Automarketer to help you find the houses for sale, contact the seller, make an offer on their property, use the clone sites to educate the seller and to close the deal. And I’m going to walk you through the process of how that works.

Joe: First of all, you want to find the property, find the house and that’s what you’re going to use the Automarketer itself for. The Automarketer will go into craigslist and I’m going to just show you the default system here, that only sends out one message, but and you can send out a series of these, but if you send out one message you’re going to get responses and you can pick the categories that you want to scrape in craigslist, we’re picking apartments, and we’re picking For Sale By Owner, and I’m picking the city and then you can pick any of the other categories on craigslist if you want to scrape them for some other reason. You can also add as many of these cities as you want. I would suggest that you pick one city at a time and you set up one campaign per city. But you can put as many of them as you like here.

Joe: We used to have limits on the scraper where we could only pick five, you know, craigslist areas but now you can do as many as you want. Just make sure you don’t pick too many so that you have so many leads it’s going to be hard to chill with them all. So that’s what you’re going to do. You’re going to start the Automarketer, it’s going to start sending out a text message and let me just take you to this step here, and this is the message that it’s going to send out by text. “I say the home you advertised and I was wondering if you’d consider selling it rent to buy? If so, I’d be interested. Let me know. Thank you.”

Joe: And that’s the one without a URL, without a domain name for them to go to. But, we also have campaigns that allow, that put a domain name in here. They lead to the, that lead to the rent to own seller clone site. So, this is going to go out to them, or one with a URL in it and they’re going to either respond to you directly and then you can call them or, you’re going to send them the one with the URL in it and they’re going to go to the website.

Joe: When they go to the website they’re going to go to the clone sites. So let me show you where that’s at. It’s going to send them to this rent to own seller site and everybody has their own rent to own seller site. And it explains how the rent to own, the For Rent Method, works. And it asks them to fill out this information. And there’s an audio there they can listen to or they can read about it in this section here. And the whole concept is to get them to sign up for this program without even talking to them. You’re going to have more luck with people that you’re talking to, but, you’re going to get a certain percentage of people that are going to fill out this form and then all you have to do is call them and close the deal.

Joe: Or, if they fill out this form, it also sends them an email that sends them another link to lease option memo that they can sign online and when that happens it’ll be sent to you. Then you’ll have a deal that you can sell.

Joe: Some of the leads are going to send a response back to you by text message and those leads will come in to your lead dashboard. So you’ll have all these leads that you’ll be dealing with. But when these leads come in they get filtered. This all happens behind the scenes, but let me show you what, how they’re being filtered.

Joe: Going back to the Automarketer page, we can go into the blast and we could go into the auto classification. So we put them into classifications based on what they say in their text or voice message and it could be any one of these phrases, we separate them by commas, but it could be any one of these phrases. So if they say, yes, or they’re serious, or where are you located, or, would you carry a note? Then we put them into the “yes” campaign. And those are the people we want to talk to first. If they say not interested, I doubt it, selling only, these types of phrases, then we put them into the “no” campaign. And the system automatically follows up with these people in three weeks by sending them another text at that time.

Joe: But the ones that say yes, they’re going to go into a follow up system as well, but it’s going to give you time to give them a call. And that’s the first thing you want to do. I’m going to go back to lead management and if you look at this drop down, it’ll show you which campaign they were put into. This was put into a three-month campaign. This one was put into the yes/maybe campaign. So you want to call them immediately. You want to read the message that they give you. They said, well, they’d consider it, and they’re telling you they need a credit report, and deposits and stuff that you’re probably not going to give them, but, you have to look at what’s possible for them. And you’re going to talk to them and you’re going to help them see that it might make sense to work with you despite what they want. People don’t always get what they want and a lot of times when you’re, well, eighty-five to ninety-five percent of For Sale By Owner’s will never sell their property For Sale By Owner. They’re going to have to either list it with a realtor, take it off the market or find a different way. We’re going to offer them a different way of selling. Once you get them on the phone, then you’re going to start talking to them about their property and you can open this up and you can add a property and start talking to them about their property. Just create a test property for it real quick.

Joe: And down the line here you can start asking them questions on this questionnaire. There’s a lot that this does and I’m going to explain this in some other videos that we get into as we go. But you can also use this as a guide to ask them questions. The goal here is that you pick the low hanging fruit and you get the best leads and you deal with them first and the other leads go into a follow up system, they get dripped on over time until they’re ready to do something or until they want to be taken off your list. And then they can just type in STOP into a text and it’ll keep them from getting any more messages from you.

Joe: This system does so much more than this, but this gives you an overview of what it’s all about and how it works and I hope you’re as excited about it as I am.