Every Contract, Script And Form You Need To Invest In Real Estate

Purchase contracts, phone scripts and tenant forms for you to download and use for no additional charge.

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Joe: All of the purchase contracts, phone scripts and tenant forms you need to get started doing deals are here for you to download for no additional charge.

Joe: We’ve spent years refining and tweaking these contracts and forms. We’ve found the problems through our years of experience and have made sure that we’ve included all the verbiage that you need to keep you legal and safe from lawsuits. You can put deals together all day long but if you don’t do the paperwork right, you risk it all. Believe me, I’ve seen it happen.

Joe: Voice scripts are the best way to learn to make offers. I provide simple yet complete voice scripts that I’ve given to hundreds of our students at seminars. With these scripts, I’ve watched our students speak to live sellers and put deals together on *their first day*. We also give you tenant forms so that you can find the right lease option tenants for your properties. This simple system asks the right questions, and makes sure that the people you sell to have the best chance of success as lease option homeowners.

Joe: Let me show some of the forms. First, there’s the for rent script. Everything you need to know is here. If they say this, you say that. If they say yes, you respond this way. If they say no, you ask this question – it’s all here in this script.

Joe: Next, there’s the lease option agreement memo. This is the one page memo. We also have this online for you. You also may need it to fax to them, so here’s a document that you can use.

Joe: There’s also the addendum to the first right of purchase. This is the assignment form that you need to use in order to assign your right to buy this property to someone else and collect an assignment fee.

Joe: And here’s the lease option form itself in all of its glory. This is one of the best lease option forms that I’ve ever seen, mainly because I’ve created it and we went through and made changes over more than a decade to make sure that everything is here.

Joe: And finally, there’s the tenant application, which you’re going to have your tenant fill out and give you all of the information that a seller would need in order to make sure that they’re protected. You want to take care of the people that you work with.

Joe: Having the right contracts and forms will mean the difference between doing a deal legally and breaking the law. It’ll mean the difference between a happy client and a lawsuit. Make sure you have the right materials when you get started. Do this work legally and honorably.