Doing Deals Remotely - How To Live Anywhere On The Planet And Look Like You Live Across The Street

Never leave the house. That’s my motto when it comes to doing deals. If I leave the house for a deal, I almost certainly lose 3 hours of my life. The only time I want to leave the house is for fun. This video will show you how to work remotely. You can live anywhere and work anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

If the town you live in is too small to accomodate your growing business, you can easily scale up your business by expanding your area. You don’t have to stay in one place, you can scale up and work the ENTIRE USA – and even beyond that if you like.

Here are some of the tools we use to work remotely and have a team who works remotely from us. Did you know that I work out of my house and none of my employees work here with me? They all work from their homes and we collaborate electronically.

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Joe: Hey, it’s Joe Crump. In this video I’m going to show you how you can live anywhere on the planet, as long as you have internet access, and look like you live across the street and be able to do all your deals remotely. Everything that I teach is based on the idea of not ever having to leave your house if you can avoid it. I know that, and whenever I leave my house to talk to a seller or a buyer, I lose three hours. So, I just don’t want to leave.

Joe: Now, you have to have some skill on the phone to be able to do this and you have to be able to build trust effectively to make that happen. But that’s what my best students are doing. They’re able to do this without leaving their house. And I wanted to make a way for them to do it not just in their own neighborhood, but anywhere that they wanted to go. And I’ve got people that are in the UK, or in Europe, or in Australia or Canada and they’re working in different, not just in different areas of their own country, which you can do this in those countries, but also I have people in the UK that are working in the United States and they can do it because of the way I’ve set up the Automarketer.

Joe: Let’s go to the phone system, because this is a place that allows you to set up a phone number with any area code that you like. So if I, say I want to buy a new phone number, and I can pick it in different countries if I want, but most of these are going to be from the States. And if I want to do deals in Indiana, I can pick a 317 area code, Indianapolis, and I can click “Find a Number” and it’ll find me a number. And I always want to click through this until I find numbers that have multiple digits that are easier to remember. Then when you do that, you pick “Purchase a Number” and it’ll buy the number into the system. These numbers cost you $3.00 a month to keep and run and then people can call you from, call that number and they call right into the system or you can call out from that number using the system. And it doesn’t matter where you are. As long as you have an internet connection, you will call through your microphone on your computer, on your laptop, or on your desktop.

Joe: When they get the phone call on their phone, it’s going to show your area code and your phone number. So it’s going to look like you’re a local calling them. You can also have these numbers forwarded to you. So if you want to have them forwarded to your cell phone, you can do that and just have it forwarded directly to you. It also allows you to record the calls and I’m going to talk about that on another video, how that’s helpful and how that helps you make this stuff happen. And, when you get a phone call to your phone number, you’re going to get an email. It’s going to transcribe the message, it’s going to record the message and it’s going to email it to you with that transcription. So you never, ever have to check your email again. And if it’s coming from somebody who’s already inside your CRM as a lead it’s also going to go into their leads so you can actually see their message in the lead, the next time you talk to them you’ll see that they had sent you an email. And, you can also text them from their lead and, to the same number and all that as well.

Joe: But the beauty is that you’re being able to work remotely from anywhere and still look like a local and not make them feel uncomfortable. One of the things that we do is, we’ll get phone numbers for our seller finders and our buyer finders. So if I’ve got a buyer finder, he’s helping me find buyers in a particular area and we’re getting calls on a property in that area and the people call about that through our craigslist ad or through our Zillow ad or through the other types of marketing we do on Facebook, they’ll get that message that comes in and then they can call back from that number. And when the people call about the property, they’re not calling an area code or a phone number that’s outside their area, they’re calling a number that’s inside the area. So this makes this so much more streamlined and makes it possible for us to have a going business no matter where that buyer finder is located.

Joe: Now, we’ve hired some really inexpensive people from different parts of the country, different parts of the world, from Jamaica and from the Philippines. We get some really fine telemarketers that can work from those areas and just work through their computer by logging onto our system, and making them one of our team members. And then they can be assigned a phone number and that way we can also keep track of all the calls that they make and we can even record their calls if we want to hear what they’re saying. So it makes it easy for us to outsource that. Anyway, this is how it works and this is how you can do it remotely from anywhere in the plant. On the planet. Maybe not in the planet. All right. Hope that helps.