Buy Houses With No Money Down and No Credit

Use voiceblasts and our “Subject To” campaign to buy houses with no down and no credit check.

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Joe: With our voice blasts and our “Subject To” campaign, you can buy houses with no down and no credit check, not just properties that you’re going to flip but also properties that you can keep for your own investment. Here’s how:

Joe: When a seller signs over the deed to their house subject to the terms of the existing loan, we call that buying “Subject To”. You don’t need to qualify for the mortgage. You never have to show proof of income. You don’t ever have to show your credit. No one even asks. All you have to do is find a lease option buyer who gives you a few thousand dollars as a lease option fee and the first months’ rent.

Joe: You take over the payments on the existing loan which are less than the monthly rent. You get a chunk of money up front and monthly cash flow from the property, not to mention equity buildup over time, tax depreciation credits, and a buy down on the existing note over time. Eventually you own the property, free and clear.

Joe: We’ve bought hundreds of properties this way and you can build your own portfolio by using this simple system. It’s all explained in the “Fast Track” investor training that’s on the auto marketer page when you get this system.

Joe: There’s more than one way to buy properties with zero down. I’ll show you the whole zero down structure strategy and how Subject To is just one of those ways and how it works very effectively with the voice blast system and a couple of other websites that we have available.